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The HyperPod™ System – aka “The Predator” by Esoteric Hydroponics

The Hyper-Pod™ System – aka “The Predator” Esoteric Hydroponics
Starting at £600.00

Introducing the new Hyper-pod system by Esoteric Hydroponics

Designed specifically for growers who insist on growing ultra heavy yielding, large tree sized plants. Available in 6, 12 and 24 pod configurations.

This new system is much more than just a multi-pod system on steroids! Our new system is a hybridisation of the proven Deep trough flood and drain technique, Deep water culture (the bubbler) and under water current, all in one! We have used much larger pipe and fittings combined with extremely powerful, adjustable 3000 litre per hour, high quality water pumps, very large 22 litre outer buckets and meshed bottom inner buckets. The systems come complete with clay pebbles, ultra powerful high quality air pumps, pre configured silicone tubing and air stones plus full assembly instructions. An hour of work and she’s ready to go hyper on your plants!

In a nutshell, this modular system retains approximately 4 inches of highly oxygenated bubbling nutrient solution in the bottom of each pod at all times, much like a Deep water culture system, but also has the added benefit of a very rapid flood and drain due to the oversized pipe work and high powered water pumps we have selected. The flood and drain cycle is achieved in a very rapid fashion indeed, quickly pushing stagnated air out of the roots of plants and sucking fresh oxygen rich air back into the roots. Due to the massive 22 litres of medium, we can also accomplish an even longer dry period than previous systems, allowing even more aeration to the roots of the plants. Another great feature of this system is that it has a built-in failsafe. In the very unlikely event of water pump failure, you will still have oxygen rich water bubbling away in the system to keep your plants flourishing, likewise if your air pump fails, which again, is very unlikely, you will still have the benefit of the flood and drain cycle, keeping your plants going strong.
You truly get the best of both worlds here. Rapid flood bubble and drain!

If you want the next level, Bentley of all hydroponic systems, then look no further - this is it!

Also available to be spaced further apart in other configurations for growing Giant Trees!

Key benefits include:

  • Comes complete with clay, air pump and all pipe work
  • Each system hand built with care, and tested
  • Massive dual 25mm delivery hose
  • Extremely fast and efficient flood and drain cycle
  • Maximum aeration to roots.
  • Hybridised technology with multiple fail safes
  • Extra large 22 litre buckets for very large plants
  • Absolutely no chance of any blockages of any kind
  • No nutrient salt build-ups
  • Quality components for ultimate reliability
  • Built in under current benefits
  • Flood and drain benefits
  • Deep water culture benefits

If one function fails, another prevails

Brand: Esoteric Hydroponics
Product Code: HyperPod
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Hydroponic Systems
Number of Plants 4-72
Bucket Size (litres) 22

The new Hyper-Pod™ system, simply put, is a modular, deep trough flood and drain, deep water culture, under current hybrid. Basically we have taken 3 different hydroponic systems and merged them into one unique system. Deep water culture is a proven method of hydroponic growing, as is flood and drain, however, in either technique if a pump fails, your plants are bang in trouble. Deep water culture basically means a net pot filled with a grow medium, suspended over nutrient enriched water with an air stone bubbling away in it, and the roots hang down into exploding bubbles of water and oxygen, providing massive aeration to the roots. The drawback to this technique is that if the air pump should fail, your plants will quickly lose oxygen, and drown in stagnated water.  Also as plants grow, they excrete various gases from the roots, and this gas will lurk around the roots of the plants which can have detrimental effects on them. Flood and drain is another proven technique. Basically, at a set time, water is pushed from the bottom of the grow medium and floods the rootball of the plants from the bottom upwards.  This technique tackles the latter drawback to the previously mentioned deep water culture technique. As the grow medium is flooded, the water filling up acts like a piston, pushing stale air and various gases excreted from the roots and out of the grow medium, and then when the set level is reached, the water then drains and sucks new fresh air back into the roots of the plants.  The faster this cycle occurs, the more aeration you get to the roots. If a flood and drain cycle takes a long time, you are effectively temporarily drowning the roots of your plants, but again the drawback is if the water pump fails you are in trouble and it won’t be long before the plants dry out and eventually wilt and die.  Under current is a fairly new technique but it basically means the water around the roots of plants actually flows with a directional current, and as it pushes its way past the roots of plants, the roots act like a fishing net, picking up all the dissolved nutrients in the water more efficiently.

So what we have done is designed a system which is modular, so you can run multiple plants positioned as close together or as far apart as you wish, with massive buckets for ultra heavy yielding large plants which incorporates all techniques previously mentioned. So basically if the deep water culture aspect of our system should fail (i.e the air pump fails) the flood and drain function will continue to work until the problem can be rectified, likewise should the water pump fail, and you lose the benefit of the flood and drain function, the deep water culture aspect of the system will keep on functioning and your plants will continue to thrive. On top of all of this, with all of these techniques working properly together in perfect harmony, giving you all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks of each individual method, your plants will grow at rates with results many growers can only dream of! This system is unparalleled!

How this system works, is slightly complicated on paper, but in actual fact the operation of it and function to the end user could not be more simple.  Once plugged in and set up correctly as explained in the instruction manual, it is as simple as any other system if not more so.  It runs itself, plug it in and watch it go with minimal maintenance. So how it really works is as follows; every 4 hours on the preset timer, a flood cycle is initiated.  When this happens, a 3000 litre per hour adjustable water pump which is suspended at the bottom of the reservoir drum is switched on. This water pump pushes water through a 25mm hose line into the smaller brain controller drum.  As the water rapidly floods into the brain, which is connected to the bottom of all of the individual buckets via dual 25mm hose lines, the water rushes into all of the buckets. As the water fills the buckets and the brain, it floods the entire system with water until it reaches a preset level.  When the preset level is reached, the float switch located in the brain drum activates a signal, which shuts off the pump in the reservoir and turns on another pump located in the brain drum which begins to suck water back out of the brain and the connected buckets, pouring it back into the main reservoir. This pump also shuts off via a signal from the float switch as the water level goes back to approximately 4 inches in the brain and the buckets, and that is a flood and drain cycle. But at the same time as this cycle happening once every 4 hours, you have the deep water culture aspect in operation 24 hours a day also. Basically, each individual pod containing an air stone, has always got 4 inches of bubbling, oxygen rich water in it, super charging your plant with more oxygen than it could ever receive naturally, promoting much more efficient nutrient uptake whilst eliminating much of the risks of water born contaminants and disease. The more oxygenated the water is, the more resistant to pests and disease it will remain. And when a flood cycle occurs, all three techniques are in true harmony, the water floods in from the bottom, in a spiralling under current effect quickly pushing stale air out of the rootball, allowing maximum nutrient uptake, soaking the whole bucket with bubbling oxygen rich nutrient solution and then draining away pulling more fresh air into the roots.  You are pretty much throwing everything that the roots of your plants could ever need and more, in a ridiculously rapid and efficient fashion, with bullet proof reliable precision!

Product Q & A
Questions4 Answers3 | Expand All
4 pod hyper pod
Does the 4 pod have the same size water butt and brain?
  • Yes it does, to allow for easily expanding to more pots as and when you feel like it!
How large of a reservoir is needed (in gallons) to accommodate a 24 site Preditor system? Also, will you sell the system without the reservoir?
  • the predator system 24 pod comes with 2  reservoirs each one has a 220 litre (48.3 imperial gallon) capacity, so about 90 - 100 gallons is recommended to run a 24 pot.
    Yes we can sell them without reservoirs no problem at all :)
24 pot hyper pod space requirements
what sort of space is required for a 24 pot hyper pod system. I'm currently running a 2.4m square tent with 4 x 600w lights. is that ok or would you recommend something different? also someone mentioned to me about using 2 x cuttings in each pod?? what is your opinion on this and are there any benefits?
  • Hi there, depending on how large you intend to grow your plants and how accessable you want to leave them, 24 should fit in a 2.4 x 2.4 quite comfortably, you could go with less if you wanted less numbers and larger plants, the actual diameter of each pod is around 13 inches and an extra few inches for the pipe work on either side of the pods to flood and drain them.
    In regards to your second question, i do not recommend bothering with multiple plants per pod, it can be done, but there is no real benefit in doing this, as with all things in hydroponics and indoor cultivation, Less is more!
Compatability Question
Are these pods compatible with your Hydro-pods? The ones with the reservoir underneath.
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