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Ez-Pz 10 Gal. 4 Planter Trellis Kit by The Bucket Company

Ez-Pz 10 Gal. 4 Planter Trellis Kit
Ez-Pz 10 Gal. 4 Planter Trellis Kit Ez-Pz 10 Gal. 4 Planter Trellis Kit Ez-Pz 10 Gal. 4 Planter Trellis Kit
Starting at £349.99

The Bucket Company’s Trellis Growers Kit has all the features and benefits of the Ez-Pz Planter system that growers everywhere have come to love.

All of their Trellis Kits come with a 5 x 15 Ft net that gives you the option of choosing how you support the weight of your plant.



Antimicrobial (White Medical Planter Only):

  • First Medical Planter ever created with EPA & FDA Approved Antimicrobial plastic which eliminates 99.95% of E- Coli, Mold, Algae, & other harmful pathogens and bacteria’s.

Water Conservation:

  • The Irrigation Manifold and Micro-Valves conserves water to the last drop by efficiently controlling the delivery of water, nutrients, & oxygen to your root zone.

Drainage (Recirculating):

  • All of our planters give you the benefit of reducing humidity, contamination, and mold spores while still allowing growers to recapture and recycle their water for reuse or for proper treatment before disposing.

360 degrees of A-W-E-S-O-M-E:

  • Our unique Feeding Manifold comes with Four replaceable 360 Degree Sprayers. The design completely covers your media to ensure that your nutrients and water are spread evenly.

Drain your plants not your pockets!

  • The planter has a 3 degree “V” bottom & raised bumps inside to keep your plants properly drained. The beveled sink opens up to a 3/4″ hole with a grommet that accepts any 1/2″ PVC or Barbed fitting.

You get what you paid for, Finally!

  • Our planters are a True 10 Gallon, it has a fill line embossed on the inside to let you know exactly how much media you need. It even marks the conversions in Cubic Ft. & Square Meters.

100% Universal!

  • Our planters work with you and your style of growing. It can be used with soil, rockwool, Lava Rocks, Coco/Coco Coir, Perlite, Growstone™ and much more.

Trellis Kit Includes:

  • 4- Ten Gallon Planters
  • 4- Irrigation Manifolds
  • 16-Irrigation Manifold Brackets
  • 4- Union Valves (1/2” x 1/2”), 40- 360° Sprayers
  • 4-Reusable Inserts/Screen Pots™
  • 4-Rubber Drain Grommets
  • 1- 25Ft Antimicrobial PVC Hose
  • 1- Trellis Net (5Ftx15Ft)
  • 16- 1-1/4” PVC (Legs)
  • 4- 1/2” MPT Tub Outlet Tee
  • 4- 1/2” MPT 90° Tub Fitting
  • 4- 1/2” FPT Barb Fitting


  • Dimensions: L 19.75” x W 19.75” x H 16.625”
  • Drain (ID /OD): 3/4” / 1- 1/16”
  • PVC Legs (Optional): 1.25”
  • Recommended Reservoir Per 4 Buckets: 24-26 Gallons / 90-100 Liters

Please note: Kit does not include pump or reservoir.

Brand: The Bucket Company
Product Code: Ez-Pz 10 Gal. 4 Planter Trellis Kit
Availability: In Stock
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Price: Starting at £349.99
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