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Agrawool KWX-1 Mix Wool Koko Mix - 2 x 80L Bags by Agra-Wool

Agrawool KWX-1 Mix Wool Koko Mix - 2 x 80L Bags Agra-Wool

The Agrawool KWX-1 Mix is a renewed and innovative product. The use of Earthwool™ makes the product nearly 100% natural. Earthwool™ is a real natural product of basalt (volcanic rock basic/lava). The fibers are made by heating and spinning of this rock. With this revolutionary, so called Ecose ® Technology a formaldehyde-free binder is used. This sustainable technique is particularly environmentally friendly. In this way the desired structure is developed and we deliver a product with ‘healthy’ fiber. The advantage is that the roots do not find resistance during growth and receive more resistance to diseases, pests or mould.

The plants used this advantage to grow stronger and bigger. Earthwool™ is made using mineral wool and a natural binder (ecose®), without acetyls or formaldehyde, which makes it a much more accessible substrate for the plant’s roots compared to “normal” mineral wool. The mineral wool become mixed with 30 percent of coconut fibre. This will bring more oxygen to the roots. The coconut fibre is completely clean steamed and purified from salts.

During the production process, the Agrawoo KWX-1 Mix is imbued with biological/bacteriological elements. This ensures that the KWX-1 Mix instantly becomes a real substrate in which roots will develop properly. Agra-Wool International is able to package 2 bags of 80 litres KWX-1 Mix per box, ensuring that the product reaches the client in perfect shape.

Advantages of using Agrawool KWX-1 Mix:

  • Agrawool KWX-1 is an Organic Binder.
  • Agrawool KWX-1 enables for better rooting.
  • Agrawool KWX-1 is easily sustainable.
  • Agrawool KWX-1 Promotes good growth performance.
  • Agrawool KWX-1 Is environment friendly.
  • Agrawool KWX-1 Does not give you skin irritation like most other substrates with the same type of material.
  • Agrawool KWX-1 Has multiple use and can be used over and over.
  • Agrawool KWX-1 Stays longer wet.
Brand: Agra-Wool
Product Code: Agrawool KWX-1 Mix Wool Koko Mix - 2 x 80L Bags
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