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RFX-1 (Rockwool Foam Mix) 80 Litres Agra-Wool
The RFX-1 (Rockwool Foam Mix) is a renewed and innovative product. The use of Earthwool™ makes the product nearly 100% natural. ..
Speed Grow
Speedgrow is a renewed and innovative product on the market. Speedgrow is a real natural product of Basalt, a volcanic rock basic/lava. An Ecose Technology a formaldehyde-free binder is used, using natural and organic ingredients. Keeping the products colour brown, for the natural look, just like the ingredients! This sustainable technique is particularly environmentally friendly, creating a dense structure, containing all the desired healthy ingredients. The advantage is that the roots do not find resistance during the growth stage, and act against diseases, pests or mould, giving your plants the best start in life, as they will..

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