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IntelliClimate by Autogrow

IntelliClimate Autogrow

The IntelliClimate is the ideal climate controller for all sizes of grow chamber.  It controls temperature, humidity, lights and CO2 in a unified way to obtain the best possible growing climate. It does all this whilst minimising wastage of CO2 and electricity.         

A standard feature of the IntelliClimate is the USB connection to a PC.  This provides a new level of user friendliness and allows the grower to easily view and change settings, view readings and look back to see what growing conditions were like during periods when the grow room was unattended.  The PC also provides for remote alarms and even telephone alarms to a pager or mobile phone are possible.  With remote access software you can see readings, change setting and access all functions over the internet or phone connection.

Note that the controller will operate fully without a PC connection with the exception of the scheduling feature and telephone alarms.

If you want to achieve the best possible growth rates and have the ability to 'steer' the crop to a perfect outcome, the IntelliClimate is the grow room controller for you.

  • Controls Lights, fans, dehumidifier, aircon, heater, CO2, humidifier
  • Comes standard with really neat PC software and USB cable
  • Built-in failsafes to look after your crop if something goes wrong
  • Advanced settings page allow you to fine tune the system
  • Scheduling allows you to enter a table of settings for the complete grow
  • Alarms on all key variables including intruder alarm
  • Alarms can sound on  PC or even dial out via modem to your mobile
  • Remote access software can be used to view readings and change settings from anywhere in the world (password protected of-course)

With the IntelliClimate you can start small and gradually add to your equipment until you have the most sophisticated system possible, if that is what you desire.  If growing in difficult climatic conditions (very hot or very cold) then you will need to start with more sophistication than if you are in a more temperate area.

The following equipment may be connected to the IntelliClimate:-

The outputs from the controller are 24V DC.  In order to control mains powered equipment relay boxes are required.  Three twin relay boxes (10Amps total per box) are provided as standard and additional relays or higher power relays are available on request.

  • Fan 1
  • Fan 2 OR AirCon
  • Light bank 1
  • Light bank 2
  • Humidifier
  • Dehumidifier
  • CO2 injection
  • Heater

Even though you have the ability to connect a wide range of equipment you will only see settings and readings for items that you have.  This keeps the user interface extremely simple and uncluttered even if you are starting with a very simple system.  Yes, even very simple systems will benefit significantly from the integrated and fail safe control provided by the IntelliClimate and you can always expand your system in the future if you wish.

What you get:-

The standard kit includes the following:-

  • IntelliClimate controller with USB cable and PC software on CDROM
  • 3 x twin relay boxes (ie 6 independent relay controlled socket outlets
  • Environment sensor box that goes into the grow room to measure temperature, humidity and light, you can also connect a CO2 sensor to this box
  • Magnetic door intruder switch

Optional extras:-

  • CO2 sensor
  • Second environment sensor (gives extra safety if one sensor fails - you have an automatic backup)
  • Outside temperature sensor
Brand: Autogrow
Product Code: IntelliClimate
Availability: In Stock
Price: £1,450.00
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