Vostermans 400mm V-Flo Fan by Vostermans

Vostermans 400mm V-Flo Fan by Vostermans

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Vertical circulation for a uniform mix of horizontal air layers

The Multifan V-FloFan has been specifically developed for ext Generation Growing(NGG) in the horticultural sector, which aims to create a uniform climate and to generate an air movement layer between the plants as efficiently as possible. The V-FloFan succeeds in these goals by blowing down the warm air from the ridge of a greenhouse or building, helping you save on heating costs. In addition, a constant low airspeed is created close to the ground. This not only improves the greenhouse climate but also helps to improve the living conditions of, for example, poultry.

Why choose this fan

  • Results in an active microclimate close to the ground
  • For a uniform indoor climate
  • Controls the humidity level
  • Reduces the energy costs through vertical airflow
  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Extremely durable fan: 3-year warranty


  • Aerodynamic shaped conical outlet for optimal vertical airflow
  • Reflecting white color for optimal results in greenhouses
  • IP55 motor (water and dust resistant)
  • Low noise


  • Agricultural: Poultry
  • Horticultural: Greenhouse


  • AirFlow: 5,050m³/h
  • Power: 230, 165W, 1.0A
  • Fan type 6D40-8PP-45
  • Speed: 955rpm, 45dB(A)

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