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Professional Enriched Soil 50 Litres Vitamix
VitaLink Professional Enriched Soil is scientifically proven to deliver fast and healthy plant growth and heavy yield. It contains 40% wood fibre and 40% peat along with 20% bark fines with added beneficial microbes and nutrient. This mix creates an excellent physical structure to boost aeration and drainage. The added beneficial microbes increase nutrient uptake and improve plant establishment whilst also preventing disease. The nutrient in this soil will feed plants for up to four weeks. A reduced peat mix means that VitaLink Professional Enriched Soil is perfect for the eco minded grower. ..
Vitamix Pro Soil Mix - 50 Litres
Premium ready to use potting soil mix that is lightly pre fertilised. This mix contains a secret ingredient which under test has performed extremely well. With this mix an ideal air and water ratio is achieved with a larger water retention capacity than general soil mixes but still high level of aeration. This means that the absorbed water and nutrient elements are released gradually. These factors have an extremely positive effect on germination and also encourage faster and finer rooting, enabling the plants to perform to their optimum potential later in life. ..

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