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Docs Supplied By HydroGarden: Vaportek Optimum 4000

The Vaportek Optimum 4000 is versatile, safe and effective, this quiet compact electric unit improves indoor air quality using Vaportek's patented non-toxic membrane.

The electronically controlled Optimum 4000 features a quiet fan that moves air through the unique Vaportek cartridge. A convenient control switch allows you to precisely control output with 10 settings. A green neon indicator light shows when the unit is operating. Odours are neutralised by the patented Vaportek system, which features a "breathing" membrane containing an exclusive mixture of non-toxic essential oils. Deodoriser vapour is released as airflow passes over the membrane sealed inside the replaceable cartridge. The Optimum 4000 neutralisers malodours instead of masking them with an overpowering fragrance. The cartridges are easily replaced and will remain effective for up to three months. The non-toxic Optimum replacement cartridge is sealed for easy use, eliminating problems associated with gels, liquids and pressurised sprays.


The Optimum 4000 solves difficult indoor air quality challenges and can effectively treat open spaces up to 2000 cubic feet / 45' × 45' × 10' (566 cubic metres / 13.7 × 13.7 × 3 metres). H × W × L = 5" × 5" × 12" (13 × 13 × 30cm), weight (empty) = 4.5lbs (2kgs).


The Vaportek Optimum 4000 is covered by a 12 month warranty. Damage caused by abuse, misuse or failure to follow the instructions is not covered under warranty. Should you experience any problems please contact place of purchase. A dated receipt must be produced to qualify for any warranty work.


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