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F-D-S Foliar Delivery Agent Uber
F-D-S is a 3rd generation Foliar Delivery Agent that is designed to deliver your foliar applied sprays with unparalleled efficiency and power. F-D-S has been formulated to allow you to deliver all of your foliar products with up to 6 times more efficiency than the leading wetting or delivery agents. First, F-D-S temporarily alters the permeability of a leaf’s waxy layer without damaging the cuticle to allow your foliar applied elements to arrive at the plasma membrane. F-D-S utilises next generation Active Transport Technology that literally pushes and pulls your foliar applied elements through the Plasma Membrane and delivers th..
Hi-Q Foliar Spray Uber
Hi-Q is a unique foliar spray based on modified antioxidants that protects and preserve the quality of your plants essential oils - giving you a crop of unrivalled quality. Hi-Q works via a unique process utilising a cyclodextrin encapsulation technology that allows us to deliver a fat soluble form of Vitamin C directly into your plants essential oils. This form of Vitamin C is normally insoluble in water but when combined with our cyclodextrin technology becomes both water and fat soluble - allowing us to dissolve it in water and then deliver it directly to the essential oils of your plant. Hi-Q powerfully protects your plants..
R-N-A Foliar Spray Uber
R-N-A is a powerful, easy to use foliar spray, designed to help your plants build the perfect framework to support a massive yield. R-N-A works thanks to its unique combination of glycinated micronutrients married to a suite of specific amino and nucleic acids. This combination up-regulates genes responsible for branching, stem girth and thickness as well as increasing the number of flowering sites. By doing this, we increase the plants carrying or support capacity. Studies have shown that when you increase a plants support or carrying capacity you increase its yield capacity. When used correctly R-N-A will provide your plants wi..

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