Twister Cure Puck by Twister

Twister Cure Puck by Twister

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The Cure Puck helps ensure perfect curing every time by measuring key indicators in the container headspace, the environment in the curing room and automatically burping containers when required. Vent gases in a precise and controlled way to maximise the benefits of curing.

Twister Cure Puck – your ultimate solution for achieving consistently perfect curing every time. This innovative device takes the guesswork out of the curing process by measuring crucial indicators in the container headspace and the curing room environment. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast looking to automate your curing process or a newcomer seeking to enhance flower quality, the Cure Puck is designed for you.


  • Stabilise Water Activity: Achieve optimal water activity levels for your cured products.
  • Enhance Flower Quality and Consistency: Elevate the overall quality and uniformity of your cured flowers.
  • Improve Burn, Taste, Aroma, and Shelf Life: Experience superior sensory attributes and extended shelf life for your cured products.
  • Preserve Terpene Profile: Safeguard the delicate terpene profile of your flowers throughout the curing process.
  • Automate the Process: Effortlessly automate the curing process for enhanced efficiency and precision.
  • Peace of Mind: Ensure your flowers are cared for 24/7, providing you with peace of mind.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control: Monitor and control the curing process remotely for added convenience.
  • Key Insights with Data:
  • Utilise detailed data insights to fine-tune and perfect your curing process.


  • Real-Time Monitoring of Container Headspace: Keep a constant eye on crucial indicators within the container.
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Room Environment: Monitor the curing room environment in real time for optimal conditions.
  • High Accuracy Replaceable Sensors: Ensure precision with easily replaceable, high-accuracy sensors.
  • Automatic Burping: Effortlessly vent gases in a precise and controlled manner to maximize curing benefits.
  • User-Defined Recipe: Customise curing recipes to suit your specific preferences and requirements.
  • Notification System: Receive timely notifications to stay informed about the curing process.
  • WiFi Enabled: Connect to the Cure Puck wirelessly for seamless integration into your workflow.
  • Web App (Coming Soon): Access an intuitive web application for enhanced control and monitoring.
  • Battery Backup:
  • Maintain functionality even during power outages with the built-in battery backup.

Elevate your curing experience with the Twister Cure Puck – your key to achieving unparalleled quality, consistency, and control in the curing process.

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