Tropic Lightmix 50L by Tropic

Tropic Lightmix 50L by Tropic

  • Tropic Lightmix 50L

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Premium, organic potting soil lightly fertilised with organic nutrients.

This ready-to-use soil blend enables greater control of plant nutrition, but with enough feed present to get your plants started.

Lightmix is enriched with a light dose of high-quality peat moss, lime stone, and beneficial microorganisms. These ingredients will give your plants a gentle push without the risk of over-fertilisation, making it a great choice for re-potting younger plants.

Lightmix is perfect for organic gardeners who need complete control over their feeding routines.

Key Features:

  • Added Perlite
  • Lightly Fertilised
  • Naturally Sourced
  • 5,5 (5,0-6,0) pH
  • 0,8(0,6-1,0) mS/CM


  • peatmoss medium 0,45 m3
  • black peat rhp 0,20 m3
  • perlite 1-6 mm 0,10 m3
  • browpeat mix 0,25 m3
  • limestone extra 4,30 kg/m3
  • pg-mix 1 1,00 kg/m3
  • (14-16-18+TE 0.2MO)

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