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Docs Supplied By HydroGarden: Telaire 1050

The Telaire 1050 is an easy to use, hand held carbon dioxide monitor. Equipped with a 90 minute rechargeable battery and a LCD display, this unit is ideal for spot checking CO2 levels. For continuous monitoring, plug in the 12 volt adaptor (included).

Patented absorption infrared technology assures accurate readings, without suffering from interference like photoacoustic sensors do. Add to a Shiva Controller for optimum performance.


  • patented non dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology
  • 90 minute rechargeable battery
  • signal output
  • 12v adaptor (included)

What Are The Benefits?

  • accuracy is maximised using a patented reflective wave guide to maximise CO2 signal strength
  • drift due to sensor contamination is eliminated
  • 100 Angstrom molecular sieve diffusion filter prevents particulate contamination
  • higher accuracy resulting from a heat stabilised detector that significantly reduces temperature interference
  • fast calibration process minimises maintenance time

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