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Max - Odour Neutralizer 250ml SureAir
SureAir MAX is a liquid concentrate. It has been designed to increase its effectiveness, minimising the time it takes the atomized droplets to permeate the environment into which they are released. This provides a quicker and more intense action against unwanted odours. ..
Gels - Odour Neutralizer SureAir
SureAir Gels have been designed to work anywhere, transforming any pungent or dull atmosphere into a welcoming scented environment. Our gels are designed to provide consistent performance from the time you open the lid until the last drop is used. They work more effectively than other gels as they prevent the formation of a crust on the exposed surface. This allows a rapid air current to be passed over the surface to increase performance, the crystals are designed to continually rehydrate from the gel body. Place SureAir Gels near to the problem area. If the odour is strong and/or persistent use a fan to create an a..
Liquid - Odour Neutralizer SureAir
SureAir Liquids can be atomised in motorised units as a ready to use solution, or controlled with a dosing meter using specialist compressed air jet nozzle equipment. Liquid solutions can also be used in 3 litre hand pump sprays as part of a cleaning regime, please remember to test an inconspicuous area first. SureAir Liquids are designed to complement our gel applications as a rejuvenator every time the gel requires a stir or to replenish a fully or part used gel unit, extending gel life and increasing value for money. Pollen and malodorous odours will impregnate fabrics, using our liquids can help to refresh these without t..

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