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Bugs and Pest Control - Organic Fungicidal Soaps

Brand new innovations in this area of pest control have recently propelled this method of control into the forefront of pest eradication. These types of organic pesticides are termed direct contact spray solutions. They are typically retailed as a concentrate, which is then in turn diluted down as per instructions on the bottle, then liberally applied by means of a hand held or pump action mister. Direct contact means that in order to kill the bugs you need to hit them with the solution; if the solution does not reach them then it will not kill them i.e. if the pest in question is sheltered under a leaf for example, then the pest will not be harmed at all and can reproduce at will. So, when using this type of product, it is very important to make sure that the entire plant, from top to bottom, is saturated with the spray. For that matter, some species of bugs jump when administrating the spray, so it is recommended to spray the entire grow room just to make sure that you have got them all!

This new type of product works by physically blocking the breathing holes of the insects and mites, quickly killing them. This product is naturally derived and indeed is also non-toxic. It does not leave behind any poisonous by-products or residues, unlike many commercially available pesticides which we strongly recommend not to use. The long term effects of industrial pesticides have yet to be charted or monitored, so if it is a poison, then keep clear from using it, as who knows what the long term side effects can be, both environmentally and domestically.

The new organic fungicidal soap solutions that are now available are safe to use on consumable end products, and as they are made from plant extracts themselves, they are also approved by organic gardeners.

These products have another important part to play in helping beneficial insects, predator insects and parasite insects, allowing these insects to continue their natural role in controlling pests. Most conventional pesticides leave behind poisonous residues, either on the plant or inside the plant, or in the local environment, and this aftermath can often harm beneficial insects for longer than the pest themselves, creating a large imbalance for nature to deal with. Typically, the pest over a period of time, comes back to infest with greater ferocity than before. However, the new fungicidal soaps will only kill insects that it comes into contact with before it dries. After this product is dry to the touch, it is no longer a threat to any living insect. Which means it makes an excellent head start on destroying pests before you unleash your predators to finish the job. As soon as it is dry, the predator bugs can be released. It is advisable to use the two in conjunction with each other as the fungicidal soaps do not harm the eggs of the pests. When using the two together, you basically wipe out the majority of the infestation with this product, then releasing the predators to deal with what is left, which dramatically increases the odds of the predators becoming dominant on release. The fact that these products are harmless when dry means that beneficial insects, whether introduced as biological control or naturally occurring, can carry on working almost without interruption.

These products in terms of safety for yourselves and your plants cannot be beaten. They have been tested on a large number of different plants with no problems. And with its reassuringly physical mode of action i.e. suffocation, it is highly unlikely that the pest will develop resistance to these products in the future.

These products are effective at controlling aphids (greenfly and blackfly), Red spider mite (twospotted mite), whitefly, thrips (thunderflies), leafhopper, mealybug, and scale insects. They are highly effective, fast acting, easy to use, non-toxic, non-chemical, non-poisonous, safe to use with biological controls, tested on many plant species with no phytotoxicity problems, have no restrictions on how often they can be used, are cost effective and approved by organic growers. What more can we say, and if you are still using industrial pesticides, WHY?

Pests, if left unchecked, will simply multiply at an exponential rate. One can become some in a day, some can become many the next, and many can become uncontrollable in less than a week. If you do nothing, then most pests will decimate most crops in no time at all. If you get a pest problem, then it is highly advisable to literally wage war on your pests. Attack them, and the situation, from all angles. It is a very good idea to nuke the adult population repeatedly over 2-5 days with a good fungicidal soap like Eradicoat before sending the troops in to follow through. In so doing, this will give your predator bugs a good head start on the war ahead. With this in mind, this is an insect war that you have just instigated, so remember, if you have a large infestation of pests, then make sure that you send in some reinforcements to help finish the job.

Keep your bugs and pests under control!

An excerpt from Hydroponicist - Indoor Horticulture


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