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Docs Supplied By HydroGarden: Shiva Environmental Controller

The Shiva SES100 controller is designed to provide the indoor gardener with an easy to use yet complete atmospheric control solution. It is the complete climate controller for indoor gardens and small greenhouses. It combines in one controller the most commonly needed environmental control functions.



Two adjustable cooling thermostats turn on an exhaust fan if the air temperature in the room exceeds the set point on the thermostat dial. There are separate knobs for day and night cooling, to allow for different day and night settings. The CO2 is turned off when the cooling mode is activated.


An adjustable humidistat activates the exhaust fan when the humidity becomes too high. The CO2 is turned off when the dehumidification mode is activated.

Fan Timer

The exhaust fan is activated on a scheduled basis in order to insure fresh air delivery to the room. Control knobs allow adjustment of the fan timers interval (frequency of operation) and duration (amount of run time). The timer is optimised for use the CO2 injection: the CO2 is turned off 10 minutes prior to the next scheduled fan run time.

CO2 Timer

Timer working in concert with the fan timer releases CO2 once every timer cycle. A unique feature of the 100 allows an upgrade to complete CO2 control, simply by plugging in the Telaire CO2 monitor

CO2 Setpoint Control

The 100 also includes a CO2 sensor interface and setpoint control that maintains precise CO2 concentrations. The CO2 is turned off at night or when the exhaust fan is running.

Light Sensor (Photocell)

Senses "day" to activate the CO2 controller. Can be used with natural, artificial and combination lighting schemes.


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