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Grow RAW Solubles
RAW Grow: The all in one RAW Soluble Grow Powder RAW GROW is a tested blend of RAW soluble plant nutrients, essential elements and bio stimulants that have been proven to be an optimal All in One horticultural fertilizer. Simply dissolve in the appropriate amount of water to make the solution. RAW Grow Directions for Use 1 tsp = 5ml 1 gal= 3.8Ltr Shake package to ensure contents are mixed well before use. Add 1-2 tsp per gal of water in reservoir for irrigation. Apply as needed. For optimal results use RAW Calcium/Mag in conjunction with RAW Grow. RAW Grow is used through the entire vegetative stage. ..
Bloom RAW Solubles
RAW Bloom: All in One Water Soluble Grow Powder RAW Bloom is a tested blend of RAW soluble plant nutrients, essential elements and bio stimulants that has been proven to be an optimal All in One horticultural fertiliser. Simply dissolve in the appropriate amount of water to make the solution. This blend has been proven to be an optimal all in one base “Bloom” horticultural fertilizer. RAW BLOOM is used through out the entire flowering stage. Derived from: Plant protein hydrolysate, mono potassium phosphate, potassium sulfate, cane molasses, sodium borate, iron DTPA, magnesium sulfate, manganese sulfate and natural volcanic ash. Al..
Grow Microbes RAW Solubles
RAW Grow MICROBES are a specific group of Beneficial Bacteria and Fungi formulated specially for the Grow / Vegetative Stage of plants. RAW Grow MICROBES are a specific group of Beneficial Bacteria and Fungi formulated specially for the Grow / Vegetative Stage of plants. This variety of Microbes is designed to promote Root Growth & Nutrient availability during the Grow Stage. Inoculate seedlings and established vegetative plants with the highest CFU’s on the market! All RAW Microbes are double tested, both the individual culture/species as well as the final blend. We test twice to ensure accuracy and viability! RAW Grow Mi..
Bloom Microbes RAW Solubles
Bloom MICROBES are a specific group of Beneficial Bacteria and Fungi formulated specially for the Flower/Bloom Stage of plants. This variety of Microbes is designed to promote Nutrient Availability & Plant Protection during the Bloom Stage. Inoculate flowering and fruiting plants with the highest CFU’s on the market! All RAW Microbes are Double Tested, both the individual culture / species as well as the Final Blend. We test twice to ensure accuracy and viability! RAW Microbes Bloom stage is an optimal blend of beneficial bacteria and fungi. This blend is designed specifically for the BLOOM/FLOWER stage of plants. This ble..
Enzymes RAW Solubles
RAW Enzymes are Uncut, Tech Grade Enzymes. Active ingredients are Cellulase, Xylanase, and Beta-Glucanase. No Fillers, No Dyes. RAW Enzymes are soluble and compatible with all nutrient programs, from hobby to professional, soil to hydroponics. ..
Full Up RAW Solubles
RAW Fulvic Acid: 100% Water Soluble Fulvic Acid SOD protects the cell walls, allowing better uptake of water and nutrients. SOD also protects the chloroplast and mitochondrial membranes, allowing better utilization of light from photosynthesis and better energy production from cellular metabolism. The extra levels of SOD and other antioxidants stimulated by the seaweed/humic acid combination conditions the plant to quickly recover and remain growing under sub-optimal conditions. Improves Availability of Essential Trace Elements Many enzymes are activated by metal ions called co-factors. Hundreds of cellular enzymes remain inactiv..
Humic Acid RAW Solubles
RAW Humic Acid: 100% Water Soluble Humic Acid Powder Humic acids consist of two parts, humic acid and fulvic acid. Humic and fulvic acids actively help the plant take up nutrient ions that are often locked up in the soil. The extracts, obtained from leonardite, also contain many beneficial trace elements that activate important enzymes in the plant. Greatest Value it’s Role as Chelator The greatest value of humic and fulvic acids are their roles as chelators. Humic and fulvic acids have functional groups that act as claws, holding mineral ions strongly enough to keep them from reacting with each other and becoming unavailable to ..
Kelp RAW Solubles
RAW Kelp: 100% Water Soluble Kelp The benefits of seaweed extracts have been known to growers for thousands of years, but only in modern times have their active ingredients been identified. Seaweed extracts are rich in natural plant growth hormones and beneficial trace elements, and they are a component of most biostimulant products found on the market today. The best seaweed extracts come from the brown seaweed Ascophyl/um nodosum, harvested from mineral- rich waters such as those found near Norway and Nova Scotia. Ascophyl/um nodosum grows in the tidal zone and is subject to extremes in temperature, flooding, drought, salt stress..
Nitrogen RAW Solubles
Nitrogen: Essential Macro-Element for Growth RAW Nitrogen is an essential macro-element for plant growth, used in relatively large quantities by the plant. In the first half of a plant’s life, the plant will assimilate 80% of the nitrogen needed for its entire growth cycle. Therefore, most high-quality hydroponic grow formulas have a relatively high nitrogen: potassium ratio (N :K) compared to a bloom formula. A typical N:K ratio for a vegetative growth nutrient is about 1 :1.5, or about one and a half times more potassium than nitrogen. The N:K ratio for a typical fruiting and flowering formula is usually about 1 :2, or about twic..
OminA (Amino Acids) RAW Solubles
RAW Amino Acids (Omina): 100% Water Soluble Amino Acids The addition of amino acids to hydroponic nutrient solution often has a dramatic affect on plant growth. Again, the secrets of amino acids lie in nature. As beneficial microorganisms grow and multiply in a healthy, organic soil, they produce enzymes that break down organic matter. This process is called “enzymatic hydrolysis”. Amino acids produced by enzymatic hydrolysis have a “left-handed” orientation and are called “I-amino acids”. L-amino acids produced by microorganisms are easily absorbed by plant cells, but synthetic amino acids produced by acid or alkaline hydrolysis h..
Phosphorus RAW Solubles
RAW Phosphorus: 100% Water Soluble Phosphorus RAW Phosphorus contains 61% pure water Soluble Phosphate (P). This product also contains a small amount of Ammonium Nitrogen (9%) which plants can utilise during bloom. Phosphorus is particularly beneficial during the early rooting stage but also provides energy during fruit and flower production. RAW Phosphorus is ideal for boosting Phosphorus (P) levels, treating deficiencies and creating optimal recipe solutions. Works in conjunction with all nutrient and feeding programs. Most base nutrients come in a grow formula and a bloom formula. A good grow formula is proportionally highe..
Potassium RAW Solubles
RAW Potassium: 100% Water Soluble Elemental Potassium Potassium is an essential element for plant growth, and high levels are required during the fruiting and flowering stage. Although potassium isn’t physically part of any plant tissue, it activates many key enzymes for plant growth and reproduction. Typically, a base grow nutrient has one-and-a-half times more potassium than nitrogen, and a bloom formula has at least twice as much potassium as nitrogen. So if a grower can control the potassium to nitrate ratio of the nutrient formula, it is possible to greatly improve the quality of fruits and flowers. Potassium is the Health El..
Silica RAW Solubles
Raw Silicon: 100% Water Soluble Silicon Powder Silicon falls into the category of a “beneficial element”. Silicon is not an essential element, so it is not absolutely required for the growth and development of the plant. But silicon is very beneficial to plant growth since it helps strengthen leaf cells against fungal attack and improves the permeability of root cells to water and minerals. Silicon acts as a reinforcing agent to plant cells, embedding itself into cell walls in the same way that construction rebars are used to reinforce concrete. In nature, silica is a component of sand and other minerals, and many plants can take u..
Yucca RAW Solubles
RAW Yucca: 100% Water Soluble Yucca Extract Yucca extract is a natural surfactant or wetting agent. Yucca schidigera contains saponins, a soapy, steroidal-like substance that acts as a natural spreader/sticker for horticultural use. It only takes a little yucca extract to be effective. As little as 1/16th teaspoon will treat over 5 gallons of water. Yucca helps water and nutrients penetrate deeper into the root zone, and yucca’s natural cleaning action helps keep drip emitter lines from clogging. Great to Add to Foliar Sprays Surfactants like yucca extracts are great to add to foliar sprays. Water is a polar molecule; it holds a ..
B-Vitamin RAW Solubles
RAW B-Vitamin: 100% Water Soluble B-Vitamin There are several vitamins that act as plant biostimulants, but the most popular ones are B 1, B2, B3 and B6 because of their positive effect on the metabolism of the plant. Many microorganisms produce B-vitamins as natural byproducts, but yeast extracts contain the highest concentrations. B-vitamins work at the cellular level, and they are commonly found as additives in cloning gels and cloning solutions, rockwool conditioning solution, and most commercial plant biostimulant products. Chemical Reactions in Plant Cells are Dependant on Enzymes Large organic molecules that act as catalys..
Calcium/Magnesium RAW Solubles
RAW Soluble Calcium Magnesium: Essential Macro Elements With all of the emphasis on N-P-K in agriculture, calcium and magnesium are sometimes overlooked. RAW Calcium magnesium are essential macro-elements, used in relatively large quantities. In fact, plants take up more calcium than phosphorus! Calcium is sometimes combined with magnesium, since calcium can act as a buffer for magnesium uptake, helping to prevent toxic levels of magnesium from being taken up by the plant. Calcium is an immobile element. In other words, once it is locked up in the plant tissue, it can ‘t be translocated to other parts of the plant. So a calcium de..
Cane Molasses RAW Solubles
RAW Cane Molasses: 100% Water Soluble Cane Molasses Plants are autotrophic (self-feeders). In other words, plants make their own food through a process called photosynthesis, by which the plant manufactures its own sugars in the presence of full-spectrum light. Some of the sugars are used as carbon skeletons for building plant tissues, but some of the carbohydrates are “burned” to produce fast energy for vigorous growth, reproduction and cellular repair. Excess carbohydrates are stored for later use, or leaked to feed beneficial  microorganisms in the root zone. In some cases, as much as 30-50% of the energy of photosynthesis ..

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