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Orca Grow Film N/A
ORCA Grow Film™ is made from threads of a high density specialised reflective plastic which are bonded together creating a unique surface topography. The resulting geometry of the microfibres and the submicron pores within the microfibre, create a highly reflective and diffuse surface. The same principal is found in snowflakes, where normally transparent water is transformed into reflective bright white snow through the unique geometry of ice crystal formation. Diffuse reflection is important to hydroponic growers because it eliminates hot spots and creates the even, efficient distribution of light plants desire. - 99% diffuse refle..
Orca Growtent Lining Kit ORCA
The next generation of grow film is here. ORCA Grow Film's nano structure provides a unique combination of high reflectivity and true diffuse reflection. A reflective combination that is extremely powerful - rendering PET and other grow films obsolete. Not only does it give you more usuable light than other reflective films - it is tough and strong. It is 100% light tight and gives 99% diffuse reflection with up to 50% more lux. ..
Orca Seam Tape
Use the ORCA Seam Tape to ensure a 100% coverage of ORCA Grow Film so no need to worry about gaps. 63mm x 22.8m  (2.5" x 75ft) ..

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