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Docs Supplied By HydroGarden: Orange Mate, Lime Mate, Lemon Mate

All Orange-Mate air freshener products are made from natural ingredients: a natural blend of orange, lime and lemon oils and concentrated orange, lime and lemon essence, taken from naturally grown fresh fruit. This biodegradable product is packaged in a non-aerosol container and eliminates odours without man made chemicals, no flourcarbons or propellants of any kind.

Orange-mate eliminates offensive odours rather than masking them, cleaning the air naturally. One spray goes a long way and last for hours. This product is non toxic and is recommended by Hospitals and Physicians.

This product can also be used as:

  • a laundry aid - for pre-spotting or in the dryer adding a "fresh" smell to your towels and linens
  • a cleaning aid - it works to remove chewing gum, glue, coffee stains etc, works on fabric & most hard surfaces
  • in your waste disposal - spray directly into drain 2 or 3 times weekly
  • eliminate pet odours on your floor / carpet or in the air. It works wonders on those pet accidents. Odours and stains vanish. Simply spray on the spot and wipe away. It is also effective on fleas and ticks!
  • spray in ventilation ducts to freshen air
  • the natural choice for your vehicle, home and office.

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