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ONA Car Freshener Plug-In ONA
The ONA Car Freshener is a Revolution In-Car Odour Control. The ONA car freshener leaves your car smelling pleasant and fresh, effectively neutralising any smells and humidifying the air, improving air quality and stopping damage from second hand smoke, dry air, dust and more. ONA Car freshener provides you with a fresh environment, continuously. Just add the ONA liquid into the tank, plug the car freshener into your car’s cigarette lighter, press the button, and a fine mist of odour neutraliser will be released. Mix ONA Liquid with 50% water for increased humidity (25ml ONA Liquid / 25ml water). 25ml ONA Liquid capacity..
ONA Misting Dome ONA
Create a relaxing atmosphere filled with the pleasant fragrances of ONA, while removing any unwanted odours from the surrounding air. The ONA Misting Dome pumps a steady mist of ONA liquid into the air, which will remove any nasty odours, safely and naturally. Lightweight and portable, you can take the misting dome with you from room to room with ease.   Features: 7 colour LED changing light. Relieve your daily stress. Whisper-Quiet: Only 35db when running. Refresh your air and remove unwanted odours. Pollution-free high quality material. Corrosion-resistant PP. Available in pink, green and white. ..
ONA Block Dispenser ONA
The brand new ONA Block Dispenser is a new highly effective and affordable distributor of ONA odour neutralising agent. Wall mounted, and battery operated (takes 2 x AA batteries). Simply place the ONA block into the slot inside the dispenser, and switch on the fan. This will drive ONA out of the dispenser and into the surrounding area. Set to 24 hr, day or night operation. Continuous, 2/2 or 5/15 min on off running time. Note: For best results, remove ONA Block from packaging before placing into dispenser. ..
ONA Mist Dispenser Ona
The ONA Mist Dispenser is a great way to control odors in small rooms and areas where the odor source is constant or repeated. Rooms such as bathrooms, entry or exit areas, pantries, workshops, and garbage collection areas that are approximately 6,000 cubic feet (170 sq. meters) are aptly serviced with an ONA Mist Dispenser – under normal airflow conditions. Larger areas are best controlled with one of our larger CFM dispensers such as the ONA Breeze or ONA Odor Stop. Features The ONA Mist Dispenser has an electronic eye that senses bright light or low light. You can set it to only spray in the dark (low light) or during the d..
ONA Cyclone Ona
ONA Cyclone: Harness the Power of Nature The ONA cyclone is a cost effective high quality ONA Gel Distribution System. This portable fan runs very quietly while effectively destroying odours anywhere it’s needed. Loaded with a 20 Litre pail of ONA Gel, it will provide high volume, high capacity odour control in the worst odour conditions. Uses Less Power than a Lightbulb Using less power than a light bulb, the ONA cyclone provides odour control for up to 5,000 square feet. Fan speed is controlled by a variable high tech push button switch so you can adjust your airflow ONA usage to odours most cost effectively. Cyclone ..
ONA Mist Ona
The ONA Mist can delivers a pressurised mist of odour neutraliser. Pushing the nozzle creates a fine mist in the air which neutralisers organic and inorganic odours it comes into contact with. Derived from plants throughout the world and completely safe to use around people pets and plants. Top Tip: For the automated control of ONA Mist use the ONA Mist Dispenser ..
Ona Bleach Ona
ONA Bleech is a potent hydroponics cleaning and decalcification system. It is made in an easy two-step process. Mix equal parts of ONA Bleech and ONA Bleech Activator, wait 15 minutes and then add to water. It is powerful for cleaning but easy on your eyes, nose and skin. It does not give off strong, irritating vapors like regular bleach. Developed for Cleaning and Decalcification Safe Eco-Friendly NO Toxic Fumes Powerful & Effective Easy to flush - no risk of residue harming plants ONA Bleech will clean spaghetti lines, reservoirs, clay beds and other bed bases from biofilm, calcium, magnesium and mineral dep..
ONA Liquid
ONA Liquid – Versatile. Practical. Mighty ONA liquid is used in many applications because it is so versatile. It can be dispensed with any type of sprayer – indoors or outdoors – and it is safe to use in household or commercial areas due to it’s organic and non toxic properties. Odour Neutraliser in Liquid Form ONA Liquid is an odour neutraliser in liquid form and is dispensed by natural evaporation or by spraying into the air. It is a complex formula of essential oils – industrial strength, yet safe for home or business, and can be used around people, pets and plants. The ONA molecules in the ONA liquid will react with ..
ONA gel is a complex mix of essential oils, suspended in a polymer gel. The essential oils are organically derived from plants throughout the world, non toxic and environmentally friendly, when the ONA gel is exposed to atmosphere the ONA particles are released into the air and neutralise any airborne odours, it comes into contact with. The ONA Gel odour neutralising agents are released in a controlled manner so that every drop of this excellent product is fully optimised.   ONA Gel is an Incredibly powerful odour neutraliser Permanently eliminates even the nastiest odours Not a masking agent but an odour neutral..
Odour Neutralising Agent Ona
'Odour Neutralising Agent' (O.N.A.) Spray is supplied in an environmentally friendly non-aerosol pump spray dispenser, offering a fine mist that floats on the air, neutralising odours instantly! Ready for when you need a solution urgently and easily! Ideal for home or office use and pet safe. The 200ml spray applicator is easy-to-use and fast acting with the unique neutralising formulation. Once used the agent can stay in the atmosphere, offering protection from nasty odours for up to an hour (depending on strength and type of odour). Simply reapply when needed. Available in four scents: Linen, Pro, Pacu and Tropics.   ..
Ona Carbon Air Ona
The latest in environmentally friendly odor control - the ONA Carbon-Air combines the best of both worlds - carbon filtering with powerful odor neutralization! The ONA Carbon-Air unit has two 6 inch ports to facilitate airflow into the carbon filter and out through the fan unit. After the air is filtered, it passes over the ONA which guarantees that all odors have been eliminated. The final result is a clean fresh smell throughout the room. The ONA Carbon-Air is easily connected to your existing ventilation system to distribute ONA throughout your room or air exhaust system. A 30 liter pail of ONA Gel attaches securely to t..
Ona Storm Dispenser Ona
The ONA Storm is ideal for neutralizing airborne odors in larger facilities such as schools, gymnasiums and office buildings. The ONA Storm, with its adjustable airflow control, evenly distributes ONA for areas up to 10,000 square feet (1,100 square meters). The ONA Storm is specifically designed to be used with ONA Gel. The ONA Storm is very practical as it can be set anywhere and has very low power requirements - maxing out at 90 watts. - Weight: 7.7 kgs (17 lbs) - Ship weight: 8.2 kgs (18 lbs) - Capacity of pail: 20 liters (5 US gallons) - Output: up to 225 cubic feet per minute - Power consumption: up to 90 watts - Po..
Ona In-Line Duct Ona
An extra level of air cleaning can easily be added with the addition of an in-line Ona cartridge system. Simply install along your exhaust ducting and insert as many Ona Gels as required. The powerful neutralising effect of Ona destroys any remaining odour molecules. Please note: Ona Gel not included. ..
Ona Block
The ONA Block is ideal for small areas such as closets, foyers, attics, cars, gym bags, boats, kitchens, garbage cans, cupboards or vents. Simply remove the cap, or punch several small holes in the cap and place in desired location. The ONA Block measures 3" x 3" and will fit in most places. The ONA Block will release its powerful odor neutralizing agent and keep the location free from undesirable odors. Replace as necessary. ..
Ona Breeze
ONA Breeze: Compact, Light & Efficient The ONA Breeze fan has been designed to increase and speed up the distribution of ONA using either the 1 litre or 4 litre ONA Gel. The ONA Breeze fan sits on 1 Litre & 4 litre ONA Gel Jars or pails and when the fan is switched on there is an increased dispersion of ONA product into the surrounding atmosphere, with the ONA particles naturally destroying any odours it comes into contact with. The ONA Breeze fan has been redesigned and is now available at a really affordable price point. It is lighter, uses less power, and now fits on either the 4 Ltr ONA Gel Pail or 4 Ltr ONA Gel Ja..

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