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Docs Supplied By HydroGarden: On-Demand Controller

The HydroGeneral gives you on-demand, easy and automatic control of conductivity and pH. Built for precision and durability, HydroGeneral is housed in a spray and impact resistant chassis and features a simple, intuitive menu system for set-up and interaction. No other complete monitoring / dosing system is as economical or easy to use. HydroGeneral takes command and brings professional features to the home grower, without the premium prices.


Continuous pH & CF / EC (nutrient strength) monitoring and display with on-demand, automatic dosing of appropriate adjustment solution: pH raise, pH lower, two part nutrient doser with 15 second dosing intervals. Messages and warnings for pH dose / fail, nutrient dose / fail, under / over set points, pump fail, solenoid open / shut. Also features the new TriPan / CCD technology.



CF range 0-99
pH range 1.0-9.0
  • automatic calibration of both CF and pH +/- 1% accuracy
  • temperature compensated 8°C - 38°C


Length 240mm / 9.5"
Width 120mm / 4.8"
Height 180mm / 7.1"
Weight 1700g / 3 pound 4 ounces
  • Chassis constructed of polycarbonate materials with polycarbonate switch membrane
  • and transparent, gasket sealed door for splash protection.

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