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Docs Supplied By HydroGarden: OGP [Organic Growth Promotant]

OGP is a natural plant growth stimulant. By speeding up the process of natural cell division OGP will enhance the natural growth patterns of plants, giving increased plant vigour, stronger plant tissue and enhanced performance resulting in bigger and better crop yields.

OGP has been used extensively by commercial growers the world over to improve growth and quality of varieties of fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Utilise OGP in your indoor grow room for propagation, cloning and promoting healthy blossom, rich healthy leaf covers and highly viable seed.

How Does It Work?

OGP is a mixture of Alfalfa, Bees Wax, Gibberellic Acid & Triacontanol Acid, which are all natural growth stimulants extracted from purely natural sources. Alfalfa and Bees Wax encourage dynamic response from the plants growth centre.

Gibberellic Acid is widely recognised as a very useful method of promoting rapid root development on new cuttings and is particularly effective in cultivar cloning.

Triacontanol Acid has been proven to substantially improve growth performance by strengthening and increasing the growth rate of new plant cells.


For hydroponic systems add 20ml of OGP to every 10 litres of nutrient. For soil systems add 10ml of OGP to every 10 litres of water.


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