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Docs Supplied By GrowthTech: OGP

Manufactured in New Zealand from concentrated extracts of Bee's Wax and Alfalfa. Contains high levels of Gibberellins and Tricontanol which assist in process of cell division. OGP adds the missing organic co-factors to a mineral nutrient solution and gives dramatic improvement to plant performance in hydroponic systems. OGP is a specially formulated compound which contains nature's ingredients for the rapid development and promotion of new plant growth. This mixture of natural hormones extracted from sources such as Alfalfa and Bee's Wax, encourage dynamic response from the plants growth centre. Gibberellic Acid has long been recognised as a very useful method of promoting rapid root development on new cuttings and seeds, and is particularly effective in the improved growth performance by strengthening and increasing the growth rate of new plant cells.

How does it work?

OGP works by speeding up the process of cell division, causing a greater number of cells to be formed. This process leads to increased plant vigour, stronger plant tissue and enhanced performance, resulting in bigger and better crop yields.

How is it used?

OGP should be added to hydroponic tanks at recommended rate. It will effectively bridge the gap between mineral nutrition and organics. For best results OGP can be added each time the tank is made up. Just follow the directions on the label.

OGP Is the organic additive for hydroponic nutrient tanks. Used and recommended by growers in Australia and New Zealand.

This is the ultimate organic additive to hydroponic solutions and can be added to every tankful throughout the life of the plant. OGP is also a great tonic for soil grown plants and can be applied weekly throughout the growing cycle.


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