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Pro X Gel Oda Fresh
ODA Fresh Pro Air gel is an industrial strength odour neutraliser that has been created with a mix of environmentally safe essential oils, therefore it can be used around people, pets and plants. ODA Fresh uses a unique blend of oils, which not merely mask nasty smells but removes them completely from almost any environment in which it is placed. ..
Pro X Bloc Oda Fresh
The ODA fresh Pro BLOC is a completely new way of eliminating unwanted odours. First and foremost, the ODA BLOC has been designed not to mask, but to eliminate bad odours. Each ODA BLOC is comprised of 100% essential oils. ..
Pear & Vanilla Spray Oda Fresh
The Oda Pro spray range has been created for serious odour problems. The spray easily removes all types of odours immediately and completely. Simply spray and odours are gone. Permanently eliminates odours from almost anything. Oda Sprays can also be used bathrooms and water closets. As part of our commitment to being environmentally friendly, our sprays are made from liquid rather than nasty aerosol. The benefit of having a liquid mist over aerosols is actually quite surprising. Rather than going into the environment and harming the ozone layer, the mist will settle after catching bad smells and continue working until the molecu..

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