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O'D-Air - Absolute Odour Eradication with Ozone N/A
Ozone (O3) kills odours instantly   Works by actually destroying the molecular structure of smells or microbes   Nothing is more effective at destroying odours inside or outside your grow room than ozone!   Simple to use with in-built timer   High output of 400mg/hr effectively cleaning up to 6000 cubic feet of air! ..
O'D Air Inline Ozone Generators O'D-AIR
The long-awaited O'D-Air in-line unit, carries the usual O'D-AIR guarantee of absolute odour elimination. UK design and specifications, cleans up to 50,000 cubic feet of air. A two cell, in line unit which fits directly into a 10" or 8" ducting exhaust system O'D-AIR II completely neutralises odours, kills pests and pathogens with a very high output of ozone, produced via two extremely durable corona cells. Using high voltage technology the O'D-AIR II produces ozone directly in any exhaust air duct, providing much needed peace of mind when odours are an issue!     Designed for constant and heavy use. Ho..

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