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Flavor Savior Nutrifield
Flavor Savior™ is derived from fish proteins, high analysis kelp, polysaccharides, liquid vermicast, humic and fulvic acids. The structural polysaccharides in Flavor Savior™ have the ability to improve the cell structure of the plant, making it stronger and able to support more weight. Flavour is directly impacted by the various non-protein amino acids in Flavor Savior™ which are precursors to the volatile flavour compounds. The enzymes stimulated by Flavor Savior™ generate the reaction that creates flavour. Get stronger plants with bigger and better tasting fruits and flowers with Flavor Savior™. Flavor Savior™ is a unique natu..
Crystalic Nutrifield
Crystalic™ is a combination of rare earth minerals, amino acids, and fulvic acid that induces exceptional secondary metabolite production in plants. It is ideal for all flowering and/or fruiting plants and will give you dramatically improved fruit and vegetable flavours, intensified floral fragrance, increased essential oil production, and will stimulate the plants immune system. It will also increase flower development and size by supplying the extra carbohydrates to boost plant metabolic processes which accentuate growth. Crystalic™ is a bio-stimulant which promotes secondary metabolite production that aids in the synthesis of ..
PK Heavy Nutrifield
PK Heavy™ contains refined Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K) which dramatically stimulates robust flowering in your plants. It also contains Zinc (Zn) which aids protein metabolism, helps maintain cell membrane integrity, and assists chlorophyll production. PK Heavy™ is made up of highly concentrated minerals that promote massive flower development which you can clearly see in size and weight after application. PK Heavy™ is compatible with all growing methods and mediums.   When your plants begin flowering they crave more Phosphorous to accelerate and enhance floral development. They also need more Potassium to stimulate incr..
Bud Burst Nutrifield
Bud Burst™ maximises yields and increases the vitality of plants. Natural plant growth optimisers promote rapid cell division and allow the plant to uptake larger amounts of nutrients for rapid floral development. The Potassium in Bud Burst™ directly affects the production of chlorophyll while regulating stomata openings which in turn improves the plants ability to breathe. Potassium is also essential for the storage and movement of carbohydrates in plants which lead to higher brix levels that will maximise yields. Bud Burst™ is truly a complete flowering enhancer that contains rich sources of Potassium, which is essential to wat..
Veg Ignitor Nutrifield
Veg Ignitor™ will induce rapid vegetative plant growth. The natural root stimulants, enzymes, and amino acids contained within Veg Ignitor™ present optimal resources for your plants to facilitate rapid root establishment, nutrient uptake, and robust vegetative growth. Your plants will be stronger, capable of bearing more weight, and have substantial lateral branching due to the stimulated cell activity which Veg Ignitor™ induces. Veg Ignitor™ has a unique blend of concentrated natural root stimulants, enzymes, and amino acids that promote spontaneous root growth which increases nutrient uptake and vegetative growth. Veg Ignitor™ ..
Root Nectar Nutrifield
Root Nectar™ can be used in all hydroponic systems and substrates. It can be used on cuttings & seedlings directly or used to soak growing mediums to prepare for transplants, and when brewing teas. Root Nectar™ is versatile, effective, and something your garden is incomplete without. Root Nectar™ is a plant bio-stimulator that serves as a biological catalyst, invigorating natural root development in plants. Your plant roots will reach further down and spread outwards, rapidly exposing more surface area for nutrients to come in contact with for enhanced feeding. The premium blend of plant extracts, amino acids and nutrients..
Cargo Boost Nutrifield
Cargo Boost® sequesters nutrients in nanoclusters preventing them from bonding with other particles and becoming complex molecules. Our proprietary nutrient delivery system then brings those smaller molecules to the roots where they are readily assimilated. By maintaining nutrients in plant available form, the supply is enlarged, less nutrients and energy are wasted, and plants feed more consistently ensuring rapid growth. Cargo Boost® is made up of small molecules that aid nutrient chelation and unlike conventional chelation the small molecules work in a two-step process. The first step is the creation of nanoclusters through se..
Elements Grow A&B Nutrifield
Nutrifield® Elements Grow & Bloom is a premium 4-part nutrient system (2 parts grow & 2 parts bloom) specifically engineered for both major stages of plant development. Nutrifield® Elements Grow induces rapid vegetative growth by promoting mitosis (cell division) and Nutrifield® Elements Bloom ensures bountiful fruit and flower set, maturation, flavour, and hardening. Elements contain each of the key macro, secondary, and micro nutrients plants require and also contains beneficial amino acids, enzymes and natural plant stimulants to deliver faster growing plants with greater yield potential. A true technical milestone has..
Coco A&B Nutrifield
Nutrifield® Coco A & B is specifically formulated to get you optimum results in coco coir. All essential macro, secondary and micro nutrients are contained within our properly balanced formulation to ensure substantial quality yields from start to finish. This product has been thoroughly tested within our analytical laboratory and undergoes intensive quality assessments in practical testing situations before being released. Nutrifield® Coco A & B has been specifically engineered for use in coco coir to be a balanced and complete base nutrient system for your plants. This unique formulation provides everything plants need ..
Premium Coco, Perlite Mix 70/30 50 Litres Nutrifield
The perfect blend for water retention, drainage & aeration Nutrifield’s Coco Premium Perlite Blend 70/30 contains a blend of 70% coco coir and 30% perlite which presents many advantages for the modern gardener. As drainage and air flow are improved, more aggressive feeding programs can be implemented without fear of overwatering. Drainage capacity is optimised, so fear of overwatering will be a thing of the past. Plants get constant supply of fresh, cool air and as much nutrients as the coco coir can hold while the excess flows through. The increased air flow within the medium allows for greater root transpiration, respiratio..
EP Cool Ray Nutrifield
The EP Cool Ray is the result of extensive testing. They run cooler, have tempered hardened glass (not plexiglass or plastic), industrial grade latches and airtight seals. ..
EP Deep Bowl Nutrifield
These EP Deep Bowl reflectors are designed to achieve the best and more reflective performance available to control light direction in your grow environment. Please note: lamp holder is an optional extra and can be selected from the options below. ..
EP Batwing Nutrifield
The EP Batwing reflector is for indoor gardeners looking to boost the available light in the grow room. Includes lamp holder. They are double insulated and fire-proof, which makes it on of the safest shades of its type on the market. ..
Coco Premium Nutrifield
Nutrifield®’s Coco Premium Organic Plant Medium possesses the highly coveted RHP certification for unsurpassed consistent quality which ensures you get a product that gives optimum performance each and every time you use it. Nutrifield®’s Coco Premium Organic Plant Medium comes to you thoroughly rinsed, pre-buffered with Calcium, pH stabilised and has the lowest salt index in the industry providing you with the optimum growing environment. The essential water to air ratio that Nutrifield®’s Coco Premium Organic Plant Medium gives plants an incredibly stable environment to prosper in and it is guaranteed free of pests and pathogens s..
Pro Pots Nutrifield
Completely adjustable to suit your growing needs. Pro Pots can be set at three different heights giving you increased levels of water storage with improved airflow and drainage, which will help maximise growth. The basket pot allows for rapid drainage and holds and substrate, this makes it excellent for DWC. All surfaces where connectors will be attached are flat to prevent leaks. Heavy duty construction - Made to last! ..

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