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BioPlus by VitaLink

BioPlus VitaLink
Starting at £22.00

VitaLink BioPlus is a highly effective vitamin-based root initiator and stress reliever, that will give you large, healthy plants.
Vitamins to give you increased roots.

VitaLink BioPlus is made up of an assortment of key vitamins and hormones which are proven to initiate fast and healthy root growth. Tests prove that when used alongside a diluted grow or young-plant nutrient, such as VitaLink PlantStart, VitaLink BioPlus delivers much larger white roots than when a nutrient is used on its own. These extra roots will promote the best possible plant results in growth and flowering.

Lots of B vitamins for stress-free plants.

Used by many growers as a stress reliever, VitaLink BioPlus is packed full of B vitamins. These B vitamins reduce common plant stresses, particularly during propagation and transplant stages. B vitamins also reduce the negative effects of nutrient deficiency, drought and high temperatures. During the last week of your plant's life cycle, VitaLink BioPlus will even minimise stress and maintain health.

Thiamine and Riboflavin to boost immune system.

VitaLink BioPlus contains Thiamine (vitamin B1) and Riboflavin (vitamin B2). Both are proven to boost your plant's natural immunity to disease and infection. This is because they induce systemic acquired resistance (SAR), which is when your plants produce chemicals so they can fight off disease and infection before they come into contact with them.

Vitamins and hormones to regenerate your sick plants.

The hormones and vitamins that VitaLink BioPlus contain have regenerative properties, which is ideal when your plants are sick. In fact, even plants that look like they cannot be restored will be revitalised by the regenerative abilities of VitaLink BioPlus. VitaLink BioPlus also contains a range of 'plant-friendly bacteria' to further promote plant health.

Targets your plant's energy for maximum yield.

Other B vitamins in VitaLink BioPlus include: Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), Biotin (vitamin B7) and Folic acid (vitamin B9). These B vitamins help to improve your plant's metabolism and allow them to use their resources (nutrients, C02 and light) more efficiently. This improvement encourages superior plant results in terms of health, growth and maximum yield.
When should I use VitaLink BioPlus?

It is great for seeds, cuttings and mature plants. For the best results, use right from propagation. Ideal for hydroponics and soil growing.

Scientifically proven to increase root growth and significantly reduce common plant stresses. Healthy roots and stress-free plants are both key for excellent growth, flowering and maximum yield.

Brand: VitaLink
Product Code: BioPlus
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Price: Starting at £22.00
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