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Synergy by Genesis Formula

Synergy Genesis Formula
Synergy Genesis Formula
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Synergy is a certified organic plant supplement designed to enhance physiological processes within the plant allowing it to perform at maximum efficiency. Synergy is not a fertilizer and must be used in conjunction with a complete nutrient formula. Being 100% organic means an environmentally sound product that is all natural and nontoxic. Synergy is also a vegan formula being that it contains no animal parts or by-products.

OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) equals peace of mind that what you are using is in fact what it claims to be. OMRI has built a solid reputation within the organic communities over the years. It is that reputation that makes OMRI the top choice for leading organic oriented companies across the globe. They have certified that all of the proprietary ingredients and manufacturing processes for Synergy are in fact 100% organic. All ingredients are selected and monitored for superior quality to assure a superior end product with highest possible biological activity. Since SYNERGY is a proprietary formula only a couple “Active Ingredient” are divulged. Do not let these facts mislead you, the formula is dominated by a “auxin like” activity making it beneficial for all stages of a plants life. Synergy does contain numerous plant extracts (60%) including seaweed. All of which have been carefully selected for their profound bio-stimulant qualities.

As mentioned previously Synergy is comprised of multiple plant extracts and seaweed. These ingredients are fermented under highly controlled processes to exploit their natural plant stimulating qualities. Amongst these stimulants are: Plant available Amino Acids, Betaines, Carbohydrates, Enzymes, Humates, Metabolic Regulators, Natural Hormones and Plant Acids. The overall affect will be a dominant Auxin like activity making Synergy beneficial from propagation all the way up to last week of flowering. Using a single bottle to accomplish the same as a 2 or 3 bottle system makes it very user-friendly. Synergy will not disturb your fertilizer composition because it has almost no nutrient value at all. This keeps the control of nutrient composition in the hands of the grower maintaining versatility that serious growers demand.

OTHER HANDLING AND STORAGE REQUIREMENTS: Keep lid tightly closed. Store in a dry area, above freezing and below 105°F, and out of direct sunlight. If kept under these conditions Synergy has a 3 year shelf life. Synergy will not expand on the shelf. Keep out of the reach of children.


* Allows plants to use fertilizer, CO2 and light more efficiently.
* Increases plant hormone level and the ability to use these hormones.
* Provides balance between the very important root to shoot ratios.
* Accelerates yield potential that is otherwise “locked away”.
* Protection from outside stress and extreme variables.
* Increases root health efficiency and establishment.
* Stimulates beneficial microbes that form positive symbiotic relationships with plants.
* Boosts overall health causing faster growth, thicker fruit and larger flowers.
* Superior taste, smell and flavor as well as quality are the rewards of your labor. (The extra yield doesn’t hurt either.)

Minimum use to see results would be a series of four to five foliar sprays as follows:

1st spray: Once cuttings have rooted or seedlings have developed the third internode (leaf bract).

2nd application: Post transplant.

Repeat approximately every 10 days and discontinue after the third week of flowering.

Moderate use:

Follow minimum use instructions described above plus use half of the application rates listed on the bottle in the root zone for each stage of growth at all times.

Or use full application rates listed on the bottle in the root zone for each stage of growth at all times. (Preferred method of all usage suggestions).

For Extreme growth and/or high light conditions use:

Foliar spray after cuttings have rooted or seedlings have developed the third internode (leaf bract), and repeat every 14 days after until the end of the third week into flowering; plus use full application rates listed on the bottle in the root zone for each stage of growth at all times.

* The last 10-14 days before harvest by slowly reducing (fading out) application rates until you are using none by the last 7-5 days.

What it is:

  • A proprietary blend of fermented seaweed and plant extracts.

What your plants get:

  • Natural Hormones
  • Enzymes
  • Betaines
  • Humates
  • Carbohydrates
  • Amino Acids 
  • Plant Acids

A Complex of Metabolic Precursors and Intermediate Metabolites.

What it does:

  • Produces rapid cell division.
  • Stimulates bud break (flower and fruit initiation).
  • Enhances cell differentiation.
  • Improves vascular development.
  • Increases rate of photosynthesis.
  • Provides induced systemic resistance.
  • Displays dominant Auxin like activity.


Application Rates:

SEEDS: 0.5-1 teaspoons per gallon.

CUTTINGS: 1 teaspoon per gallon.

DURING PLANT or PRE-PLANT: 1.5 teaspoons per gallon.

VEGETATIVE: 1 teaspoon per gallon.

TRANSITION OR STRESSED 2 teaspoons per gallon.

FLOWERING: 1-1.5 teaspoons per gallon.

FOLIAR: 1 teaspoon per gallon.

Conversions: 1 teaspoon = 5 milliliters; 1gallon = about 4 liters

Important Facts for Optimum results: Make sure hydroponic reservoirs have plenty of oxygen and stay well agitated. Always adjust pH to 6 or below prior to adding SYNERGY and add it last to your nutrient solution. Keep well mixed and oxygenated until and during use.


Active Ingredient: 0.8% Humic Acids derived from seaweed ( ascophyllum nodosom)

1.7% Seaweed

60% Plant extracts

SYNERGY is not plant food and should be used in the conjunction with a complete fertilizer program.

Brand: Genesis Formula
Product Code: Synergy
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