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Liquid Sand by Genesis Formula

Liquid Sand Genesis Formula
Liquid Sand Genesis Formula
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Introducing a New Crop Management Tool For Stronger, Healthier, Stress Tolerant Plants

Liquid Sand is a potassium silicate supplement with a high silicon:potassium ratio and a lower pH than similar products on the market. This product is an excellent source of silicon for enhanced cell strength and plant growth.

Liquid Sand is designed to:

  • Improve plant resistance to environmental stress such as heat and/or drought
  • Boost plant immune system
  • Provide resistance to salt build-up and mineral toxicities
  • Keep leaves erect for maximum light exposure resulting in increased photosynthesis and plant growth
  • Prolong bloom and delay unwanted senescence (death)

Liquid Sand contains no undesirable components like sodium and is formulated with a completely soluble, clean form of silicon. When used as part of a complete nutritional program, this crop management tool will improve quality and yield.

Horticultural Benefits:

Silicon (Si), the second most abundant element in the earth’s crust, has a number of well documented, and readily visible, beneficial effects in higher plant species. Deposits of silicon in the epidermal cells and trichomes provide a purely physical stabilization (rigidity) of the cell wall tissues.

Silicon, not only provides an inert barrier, but also serves to stabilize cell wall strength by modulating the biosynthesis of lignins, organic substances that give stems strength and hardness. In addition, silicon seems to influence the content and metabolism of polyphenols, the substances that give fruit and vegetables their vibrant colors and protect seeds and skins against ultraviolet light.

Recent research offers evidence that silicon not only contributes to cell wall rigidity and strength, but also increases cell wall elasticity during extension growth. In the primary cell wall, silicon interacts with other constituents such as pectin and polyphenols creating elastic cross-links.

Of economic importance, silicon stimulates growth and yield through several indirect actions. Silicon increases the rigidity of mature leaves, which are then held more horizontal. This in turn increases the leaf surface exposed to the light, thereby increasing photosynthesis and subsequently chlorophyll content, leading to delayed senescence (plant death). Stimulation of growth from silicon can also reduce manganese and iron toxicity and increase aluminum tolerance in some plant species.

Silicon is immobile and will not re-translocate from older leaves and stems to newer growing areas. Consequently, small doses of silicon should be added continuously throughout the growing cycle to ensure new tissues have sufficient amounts to grow strong and healthy.

Brand: Genesis Formula
Product Code: Liquid Sand
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