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Calcarb Folia Booster Xtreme Tea Mycos WP Foliar Azos Mykos Root Paks Mykos
Azos Xtreme Gardening
Out of all the nutrients delivered to plants through the soil, nitrogen is necessary in the greatest amount. It propels chlorophyll production in the foliage and keeps plants green and efficient. It is a essential part of amino acids and other compounds that assure crop health and productiveness. It is a major part of every protein molecule and soils are often lacking of this element. However the atmosphere is made up of around 80% nitrogen which is in a form (N2 or atmospheric nitrogen) that is not conventionally available to...
Calcarb Folia Booster Xtreme Gardening
CalCarb is a readily available source of calcium and carbon dioxide. Calcium is critical to the health of your plant, contributing to the strength of cell membranes and regulation of nutrient use. Calcium is known to play a major role in the quality of many crops, including peppers, tomatoes, and watermelon. It is also able to reduce the effects of heat stress in plants. CalCarb foliar booster works great in both indoor and outdoor environments. Readily Available Calcium Can Prevent Blossom End Rot Strengthens Cell...
Mycos WP Foliar Xtreme Gardening
Mykos WP (Wettable Powder) is processed to provide effective inoculants that may be injected through a sprayer, applied in hydroponic reservoirs, and used as a seed or cloning treatment. Can also be used to dust or drench roots of all transplants. What is Mykos? Mykos is a fast growing beneficial fungi that connects many of the beneficial microbes to the host plant. This relationship increases the supply of nutrients to the plant increasing fundamental elements required for plant growth. Mykos is RTI's world record-breaking...
Mykos Xtreme Gardening
Mykos is a fast-growing, beneficial fungi that connects many of the beneficial microbes in the soil to host plants. This "Symbiotic" relationship increases the supply of nutrients to plants, increasing the availability of both moisture and most of the fundamental elements required for plant growth. This greater nutrient availability leads to a bounty of healthier bigger plantsand "Bumper Crops". Used to Grow the World's Largest Vegetable 5 Years in a Row! 100% Natural & Organic. Once & Done Application Lasts All Season!
Mykos Root Paks Xtreme Gardening
Mykos mycorrhizae conveniently packaged in 10 gram "Biodegradable Paks" for both soil and hydroponic applications. Simply place the pak at the base of the plant and the developing roots will grow through the biodegradable paper membrane and become rapidly inoculated. Benefits: All the Benefits of Mykos Convenient Method of Assuring Inoculation of Individual Plants Simple Once & Done Application Ideal for Hydroponic Net Pots (Hydrotone) - Aeroponic Systems, Drip, Ebb & Flow, NFT, Deep Water Culture Why Mykos Drops? Mycorrhizae is...
Xtreme Tea Xtreme Gardening
Xtreme Tea brews are the most user-friendly compost tea brew on the market today. Not only are they easy to use, they are the most cost effective method of brewing high quality compost tea. Xtreme Tea has a unique, two-part system that keeps the product stable until time of use. The Tea Brew bag contains the compost material and the plant microbe food pack provides a food source designed to multiply microbes during the brewing process. Our special blend of organic matter has been shown to break down nutrients and make them available to your...

Launched in late 2008 as a new, retail division of reputable RTI (Reforestation Technologies International); Xtreme Gardening was destined for success. The parent company, RTI, is best known as the United States’ oldest-running and most renowned producer of Mycorrhizal Inoculum. Providing the World with high-quality biological inoculum, RTI products are responsible for successfully planting over 750 million trees in 9 countries, restoring some of the poorest habitats known to man (strip mines, nuclear test sites, deserts, and barren wastelands) around the globe into lush, thriving ecosystems capable of not only sustaining life, but producing bountiful harvests.

Xtreme Gardening was born with the goal to inspire a new generation of gardeners and growers. Looking to maximize yield through organic inputs, Xtreme Gardening embraced biomimicry (A new science that studies nature's models and then uses these designs and processes to solve human problems). No longer limited by chemical fertilizers, the new natural technologies developed by Xtreme Gardening led to sustainable practices that enhanced yields over conventional chemical inputs. With Xtreme Gardening products, gardeners are unlocking their plants true potential and reaching new levels of production not achieved through conventional inputs.

Chemical fertilizers are limited by repeat applications and juggling the balance of nutrients to prevent lock-outs in order to make sure plants needs are met. The limit-loss to this conventional method of gardening is the salt-based form from which the nutrients are derived. Repeat applications of chemical (mineral salt) fertilizers; essentially kill off all beneficial life in soil. This life-stripping effect acts as a limit-loss for plants, limiting their growth potential and, in effect, their yield at harvest.  It is the microscopic organisms in soil which break-down, cycle, and retain nutrients. They provide the foundation of support allowing plants access to essentially everything they need--a reserve of food and moisture which promote a balanced intake of nutrition and supply a front line of defense against pathogens and disease.

No longer accepting the constraints of harsh chemical fertilizers, Xtreme Gardening pioneered new, natural technologies leading to sustainable practices that enhance yield over conventional garden products. By using Xtreme Gardening’s regimen, gardeners from coast to coast and in every hemisphere are now unlocking their plants’ true potential, leading to new levels of plant production never before achieved. These achievements include seven World records for fruits and vegetable yield, all grown utilizing Xtreme Gardening’s unparalleled products. Xtreme Gardening is at the forefront of a growing trend, changing the way both gardeners and the World look at organic crop production. Through Xtreme Gardening’s valiant efforts, for the first time in history, the products for tomorrow are, undoubtedly, available today.

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