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Organic B1 by Advanced Nutrients

Organic B1 Advanced Nutrients
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Organic B is a 100% organic B vitamin supplement, an alternative to synthetic B vitamins. Organic B is completely organic and can be used in hydroponic and soil media. Organic B also contains proteins, peptides, free amino acids, lipids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and cytokinins.

You already know that your plants need to be fed the best nutrients and the best fertilizers to ensure they get as big as possible and give you the maximum harvest they’re capable of. But what you may not be aware of yet is they need another supplement too. Just like people, your plants need to be supplemented with vitamins in addition to fertilizers and nutrients you feed them. But not just any vitamins will do. In fact, scientists have discovered there is one specifi c type of vitamin that will help your plants (starting with seeds, clones and continuing through to mature plants) enhance its cellular metabolism, give the plants an extra ‘push’ to enhance growth and bloom in turn giving you maximum yields. If you’re familiar with plant metabolism, or you’ve heard rumors of how vitamins can help your plants, then you’ve probably already guessed what type of vitamins can do this for your plants...introducing ‘Organic B’ vitamin booster from Advanced nutrients.

Yes, your plants need B vitamins even more than we humans do. In fact, here's just a small sample of the benefits of giving your plants B Vitamins and the plant processes you'll be helping:

  •     Vitamin B1 (Thiamine): powers many of your plants most important processes including utilizing carbohydrates... helping it make use of phosphate (an essential nutrient that fuels flower growth)... and helps your plants develop stronger, more efficient roots so they suck up more nutrients.
  •     Vitamin B3 (Niacin) Is essential to your plant's basic life functions and contributes to a strong, healthy metabolism. In fact, insufficient amounts of B3 lead to slow growth and overall poor harvests.
  •     Vitamin B5 is one of the most essential B Vitamins for your plants. It maintains essential cellular processes... and... without the right amount of B5, your plants grow slowly.
  •     Vitamin B7 (Biotin): Is a workhorse vitamin involved in enzymatic activity, carbohydrate energy production and amino acid synthesis... all of which... are fundamental to the basic nutrient health and output of your plants.
  •     Folic Acid while found naturally in many nutrients you feed your plants easily breaks down (especially under intense lighting) which means your plants may be deficient in this important acid. Folic Acid powers your plants to maintain a healthy metabolism while protecting and helping to repair DNA. What's more: multiple hydroponic tests on the types of plants we grow show Folic upgrades quality of harvests.


Number 1: You should only supplement your feeding programs with B Vitamins that are made specifically for the types of plants that you grow and in the gardens you grow them in.

You see, other companies test and design their products for cucumbers or other garden plants. Advanced Nutrients is the only hydroponics company that specifically researches, designs and tests their nutrients and vitamin formulas - specifically ORGANIC B1 - for the types of plants we grow and in the types of gardens we grow them in.

Which means, you get the only B Vitamin formula specifically designed to give you exactly what you want: more vigorous growth, and maximum harvest yields.

Number 2: According to a study conducted by the Institute of Plant Sciences at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, plants fed organic fertilizers absorb and use more B Vitamins, (especially B1 and B12), than plants fed synthetic fertilizers.

Which means, feeding your plants a 100% all organic B Vitamin formula, like ORGANIC B1, guarantees you get the most benefits out of your supplement program possible.

And if you're already feeding your plants 100% all-organic nutrients and fertilizers, ORGANIC B1 is... without a doubt... the most logical choice because it fits works together perfectly with other ingredients in a way scientists call "synergistic" to give you nutrient healthy plants, enhanced growth and maximum yields.

What's more: ORGANIC B1 is currently the ONLY 100% organic B Vitamin Supplement around!

Number 3: One of the biggest benefits of ORGANIC B1, which we hear from other growers like yourself, is that it's triple-filtered and carefully manufactured so it flows easily in hydroponics indoor gardening irrigation systems, has a pleasant scent, is super-concentrated, and is quickly absorbed by roots no matter what type of garden you grow in.

That's because ORGANIC B1 is the only B Vitamin formula specifically designed and tested in all the type of gardens you grow them in, including all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums. Plus, ORGANIC B1 has been developed for use with any and all hydroponic, aeroponic, drip irrigation, NFT, ebb and flow and continuous liquid feed growing systems.

So no matter what type of garden or grow room you have now, you can rest assured that ORGANIC B1 is guaranteed to work in your system with no problems!

The bottom line? ORGANIC B1 is the only B Vitamin formula designed for the types of plants you grow and the gardens you grow them in... it's the absolute best 100% organic B Vitamin formula for our types of plants... and... it's guaranteed to work in any type of high intensity lighting or garden you choose to grow in.

Brand: Advanced Nutrients
Product Code: Organic B1
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