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Coco Jungle Juice Grow by Advanced Nutrients

Coco Jungle Juice Grow Advanced Nutrients
Starting at £18.99

It’s no secret Coco Coir is a promising and (almost) ideal hydroponics medium ...

  • It’s biodegradable, making it perfect for environmentally conscious growers ...
  • It can be re-used, potentially saving you thousands of dollars each year ...
  • It’s almost impossible to over-water due to its naturally aerated structure ...
  • It’s odorless and easy to handle ...
  • It’s known to have a nearly neutral pH balance ...
  • It’s naturally anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial
  • (although oddly it creates a wonderful and friendly environment for “good” bacteria) ...

But if you’re not using nutrients specifically designed for Coco Coir ...

You could poison or starve your plants!

First off, you have to manage the potassium you use with Coco Coir because this
medium contains abundant amounts of naturally occurring potassium ...

If you don’t manage this, you run the risk of potassium toxicity – which means you’ll basically poison your plants!

Second, experienced coco growers have found you need extra calcium and magnesium to have healthy plants because coco coir naturally binds to and leaches Ca and Mg ...

But even when you use supposedly “coco-formulated” nutrients ... along with Cal-Mag supplements – mysterious nutrient deficiencies often arise ...

In short, trying to dial in the exact formulations to use with Coco Coir has frustrated growers for years!


Breakthrough Science Identifies The Missing Piece of The Coco Puzzle ...

The research team at Advanced Nutrients found the hidden flaw of most “coco” nutrients ...

As it turns out, the missing link for growing in Coco Coir is iron.

Yes, your high-value crops not only need extra calcium and magnesium when growing in coco coir, but also extra iron.

In fact, until recently, nobody had discovered this – it’s why other supposedly “coco friendly” nutrients can still allow deficiencies in your crop to occur, no matter how well you grow.

This breakthrough science is the foundation of our Advanced Coco line of nutrients.

And now we’d like to introduce you to ...


The World’s Most Affordable 2-Part Base Nutrient
Now Formulated Specifically For Coco Coir!

Most base nutrients are cleverly disguised, bargain-bin formulations based on old granulated fertilizer recipes. And you get charged an arm and a leg for this mediocre bottle of N-P-K.

Worse: these nutrient formulations do NOTHING to help you achieve success in Coco Coir ...

Well we've had enough! The community has spoken and we have heard you loud and clear.

How about a 2-part base nutrient formula that's more than just nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium?

How about a base nutrient formula designed for the specific types of plants you grow?

How about a base nutrient formulated specifically for Coco Coir?

And how about a base nutrient formula that you can afford to use?

If you want to save thousands of dollars, yet still cultivate the highest-value crops, you’ll find Jungle Juice 2-Part Coco is packed with all the essential elements your plants need to thrive in Coco Coir!


Here's how Jungle Juice 2-Part Coco Grow and Bloom gives you the most bang for your buck:

  • Jungle Juice 2-Part Coco Grow and Bloom comes with new plant extracts that optimize your plant's genetic expression, by bolstering natural plant tolerance to adverse environments and stress.

    The results are: stronger roots, more flowering sites and better nutrient absorption. They will also shorten internodal spacing of the new shoot growth, making for a more dense harvest.
  • The highest quality nitrogen, iron and calcium in the world, and other trace elements necessary to grow truly profitable plants. Emphasis on the iron (both DPTA and EDDHA). Because without supplementation, coco coir tends to leech the iron right out of your roots. No more. Watch your plants thrive in coco with Jungle Juice 2-Part Grow and Bloom.
  • Precise doses of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, manganese (EDTA), and sulfur that trigger those big, juicy flower you look forward to harvesting. Repeated field testing has demonstrated the effectiveness of the exact ratios of each of the ingredients in Jungle Juice 2-Part Grow and Bloom.

    Each ingredient selected has been proven to have a dramatic effect on plant growth, not just by our scientists, but by such reputable publications as The Journal of Plant Nutrition, The Australian Journal of Plant Physiology, New Physiologist, The Journal of Experimental Botany, Plant and Soil, and others.


It's Not Just The Ingredients, It's The Proven Process That
Makes a Better 2-part Coco formulation ...

By utilizing the strictest quality control guidelines, each and every ingredient in the Jungle Juice Coco formulation goes through the same rigorous preparation and extraction process here at Advanced Nutrients.

This means, as always, your product is 100% consistent-from one container to the next-due to the meticulous processes we use to manufacture these products. Here's just a partial list of quality standards that set us apart from the competition...

  • Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment – Advanced Nutrients uses a reverse osmosis water treatment system designed and implemented by the leading German company specializing in these sophisticated water treatment systems. Our R/O water is laboratory grade (identical to the ones used at Red Bull® and Coca-Cola®), as well as 99.999999% free of all bacteria due to the post purification treatment that is part of our reverse osmosis process.
  • Optimum Water Temperature – One of Advanced Nutrients' secret weapons is the water temperature we use to develop our products. As it turns out, the specific temperature of the water can profoundly influence the solubility of the ingredients. All of Advanced Nutrients products have a specific temperature dialed in to mix with, which means your plants will get the full benefit of the product from every last drop.
  • Highest Grade Ingredients – Pharmaceutical grade materials, like we use here at Advanced Nutrients, approach total purity so that... practically speaking, every milliliter of product you use is having its intended effect on the plants, each and every time. Also, it's guaranteed to be safe for your plant and more importantly, for your consumption.
  • Global Quality Control – Another advantage of buying Advanced Nutrients is quality control. There are many companies that will put out different products regionally. The reason is that local materials are used to produce the product. Not so with Advanced Nutrients. Each of our products is produced, at every location on the globe, using the exact same process and ingredients.
  • Science – We now have the largest research and development team in the industry. In fact, we are the only hydroponics company that employs a real team of scientists-over 20 Ph.D.'s work for us now-as well as one exceptional scientist with 3 Ph.D.'s-one in microbiology, plant physiology and chemistry.

We sincerely believe, our "competitors" offer good products... for certain growers.

But for someone who specializes in the valuable plants that we grow, "good" just isn't good enough.

We want the best and we know you do too.

That's why we are always pushing ourselves to bring you the highest quality products at prices that can't be beat.

Brand: Advanced Nutrients
Product Code: Coco Jungle Juice Grow
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