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Bacterial No Mercy Supply
Accelerates the emergence of a natural balance in any growth medium With bacterial you have a freeze-dried culture of microorganisms. If you mix the content of Bacterial with water billions of nitrifying bacteria will grow within a period of 24 hours. Tiny as they may be there nitrifying bacteria are essential to all life on earth, including plants. Together with enzymes and moulds these bacteria transform organic waste into re-uptakeable nutrients for the plants. In order to obtain the right environment in the growth medium of your plants we developed this biological, reliable and fast working product: Bacterial. Not only does..
GA-Special Spray No Mercy Supply
This GA-Special Spray can be safely applied to make plants bloom richer and produce more resin. This is an effect of Gibberelic-acid (a chemical produced acid, so not an hormone preparate) which stimulates the female hormones in the plant. Apply on healthy plants only, and only during the indicated period of bloom. Preferably use the spray shortly before you turn out the lights. You can also hang the light higher for a few hours. A 250 ml. bottle of GA-Special Spray is enough to treat 125-150 plants. Spray well above the plants – do not dilute. Spray the plants once after they have been blooming for 23 – 26 days, or 23 -26 days..

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