Sealz Vacuum Sealer Pump by Sealz

Sealz Vacuum Sealer Pump by Sealz


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Sealz is a Vaccum Sealer Pump that easily fits in the palm of your hand!

Sealz Vacuum Sealer Pump is the worlds smallest vacuum sealer, measuring just 7cm tall and 1.5cm wide, it's the most portable vacuum sealer on the market. The Sealz pump is powered entirely by your smartphone, so its a no-brainer to carry with you wherever you go- no need for a battery, wire or charger at all. Plus it uses a minuscule amount of power (just 25Ma) which ensures your phone isn't drained and its battery doesn't get overworked.

Sealz gently vacuum seals in order to maximise efficiency whilst retaining your organic matter's physiological properties.

SEALZ vacuum pump includes a Lightning connector and a USB-C connector ensuring that it is compatible with all modern iPhones and modern Android smartphones.

What’s included

  • A SEALZ Vacuum Pump (Lightning & USB-C)


  • 4 x 1 x 0.7 inches, 0.07 pounds

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