Grove Bags Soft Touch Window Pouch Bags - Quarter Pound by Grove Bags

Grove Bags Soft Touch Window Pouch Bags - Quarter Pound by Grove Bags


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The Grove Bags Terploc Velvet Soft Touch Matte Quarter Pound bag is finally here, as one of the latest products from Grove Bags.

The Velvet Soft Touch Grove Bags feature their new finish, which is a velvet-like matte finish that will make you feel like a million quid! This matte Grove Bags finish gives your product the unique high-end feel it deserves while providing ample space to store your organic matter inside.

All Grove Bags are properly fitted with a child-resistant zipper for ideal protection from wandering hands. The Quarter Pound / 4oz pound comes in the Grove Bags Classic Black colourway as is standard with Grove Bags.

Grove Bags Soft Touch are made for those extra special batches of flowers that deserve a bit of a special touch to showcase them properly.
Unique Features of Grove Bags

TerpLoc™ Technology is a groundbreaking feature of Grove Bags. This proprietary technology involves six distinct film barrier layers, offering unparalleled active humidity control and protection.
Benefits of Using Grove Bags

The primary advantage of Grove Bags is the preservation of Terpenes, essential for maintaining the quality and aroma of organic materials. They ensure optimum terpene content, which is crucial for the end product's quality. The result of this goal is that the bottom line is increased as terpene retention is fundamentally linked to weight retention which results in an improved cost efficiency.

Comparative Analysis

When compared to traditional packaging solutions, Grove Bags stands out for its advanced moisture control and terpene preservation capabilities.

Specific Design Elements

Each of the six film barriers in Grove Bags targets a different aspect of preservation, ensuring maximum protection and quality retention.


Grove Bags are versatile and suitable for a wide range of organic materials including herbs, foods, and nuts.

Optimal Usage Guidelines

Grove Bags recommends specific guidelines for drying and storing different materials to ensure the best results.

User Experience

Users of Grove Bags have reported significantly improved preservation quality and extended shelf life of their products.

Sustainability and Eco-friendliness

Grove Bags are not only efficient in preserving organic matter but also stand out for their commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

Cost-effectiveness and Efficiency

In the long run, using Grove Bags can lead to significant savings and increased efficiency for producers and consumers alike.

Future Innovations

The potential for future innovations in packaging technology, with Grove Bags at the forefront, is immense.

Any unwanted gasses that would build up and excess water vapour is actively removed via the process of diffusion through the various film barriers that helps to form a clean, mould-fee environment to cure and retain the quality of your organic matter.

The six-film barriers all target different problems that can dampen the end quality of your organic matter or even interfere with the curing process. This multi-tiered system helps ensure your herb is always receiving maximum protection.

The first layer is for durability, meaning it protects your material with an ultra-sturdy puncture-resistant layer which helps to insure the carefully controlled climate is safe during transit/ delivery.

The second film barrier helps to protect the environment from any potent odours as well as preventing any trouble that may arise from noxious aromas. This odour protection helps you to trap the smell until you’re ready to enjoy it. The third layer is the oxygen film layer, which has been crafted in a manner to ensure that it can create and maintain low oxygen levels and limit the oxidation of terpenes.

The oxygen layer helps to protect against unnecessary weight loss and maintains your product's efficiency as well as protecting your bottom line margins. Next is the anti-static layer, a critical element as many plastics create static which can strip dry herbs of essential properties; this layer ensures terpenes stay in your organic goods rather than on the packaging.

The fifth layer is the Humidity barrier works with the oxygen layer to maintain active humidity control. Low oxygen levels slow the respiration process, so excess water vapour built up inside the headspace of the Grove Bag is diffused through the packaging to prevent mould from developing.

Finally, The Terploc™ UV film layer, combined with opaque packaging, provides excellent protection from harmful UV rays; UV breaks down organic material rapidly, which means that the compounds within the material are degraded, lessened and weakened.

For curing dry herbs, Grove Bag Generally recommends drying the material for 10-14 days first; depending on the structure of your herbs, fruits or nuts & the relative humidity should be between 10-12% in Grove Bags opinion, although everyone has different techniques that work for them.

When filling the bags with material, Grove Bags recommends leaving the bag a minimum of 25% empty, with this headspace permitting the bag to work correctly. Once the bag is closed, the technology will work to ensure your internal environment is between 58-62% Relative Humidity.

The bag should be placed in a well-ventilated and cool area below 21 degrees Celsius. The hotter the environment, the more moisture-related weight loss.

Grove Bags are also sealable in the temperature range of 230F-285F using an impulse sealer, hair straightener or household iron.


What is TerpLoc™ Technology?

TerpLoc™ is a proprietary technology of Grove Bags involving six film layers for optimal humidity control and preservation.

Can Grove Bags be used for all types of organic matter?

Yes, they are suitable for herbs, food, nuts, and various other organic materials.

How do Grove Bags contribute to sustainability?

They produce zero waste in manufacturing and use eco-friendly materials and inks.

What makes Grove Bags different from traditional packaging?

Their unique technology and design elements specifically cater to preserving terpene-rich organic matter.

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