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Digital Thermostatic Fan Controller & Balancer Maxigrow
Fan Controller Options: Single Fan Connection: Run one temperature controlled out-take fan from the controller.   Twin Fan Connection: Run two or more temperature controlled out-take/in-take fans from one controller by adding “Y” splitter cables - Use smaller in-take fans to achieve negative pressure.   Controller & Balancer Connection: Connect the balancer to the controller to run two independently, speed controlled out-take/in-take fans from the balancer - To add more fans use additional “Y” splitter cables. Compatible with Hyper Fans. ..
MaxiSwitch 13A 4 Way Relay Remote Timer Maxigrow
Designed for the hobby enthusiast 13A 3kW of relay switching. Requires 2 plug sockets. On/Off operation. Quality IMO relay switching for lower amperage applications   Heavy duty GE contactor switching, ensuring long service life and reliable high amperage switching for high amperage applications   Professional Grasslin panel mount timers that ensure accurate time keeping and switching in fifteen minute segments. These timers are easy to program and can be set up in seconds   2 year guarantee ..

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