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Docs Supplied By HydroGarden: Maxi-Jet

Maxi-Jet pumps are a sealed pump that may be used externally, partially or fully submerged for a variety of applications. The internal design of the Maxi-Jet pump is engineered to assure that even if it runs dry, or the rotor jams, Maxi-Jet will not overheat. The one piece impeller assembly requires little maintenance and the absence of loose parts makes the unit easy to clean. Clean with warm water and with the help of a small brush. If the rotor becomes encrusted with lime-scale, use vinegar or lemon juice to remove this, do not use solvents.

Maxi-Jet pumps are covered against defects in materials and workmanship under normal service for twelve months. A receipt must be produced to obtain any warranty repair work or a replacement.

Pump Capacity Head Height Power
MN404 70-400lph / 15-87gph 70cm/28" 4.8
MJ250 370lph / 80gph 61cm/24" 4.5
MJ500 490lph / 107gph 95cm/37" 6
MJ1000 950lph / 206gph 150cm/59" 14

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