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Docs Supplied By HydroGarden: Liquid Gold Fulvic

Liquid Gold Fulvic (LGF) is a unique product that represents the best humate extracts available. Humate extracts have long been known to have a positive effect on plant growth cycles. Just as "beer is a generic word for a fermented beverage, so is the word "Fulvic" a generic word for a humate extract. We all know beers are not created equal and so it is with fulvic extracts. Liquid Gold Fulvic increases fresh weights in floral crops and can increase the growth of isolated plant organs when applied as a fine foliar spray during the flowering stage of the plants growth cycle.

How Does It Work?

Liquid Gold Fulvic is scientifically extracted from hardwood harvested during its high energy spring growth cycle to capture the purest blend for indoor gardening. Fulvic acid is the name for a blend of light molecular weight humic substances which have long been known for having a positive effect on the transfer of minerals, vitamins and hormones in plants and animals.

The quality and nature of the blends vary and are dependent on the original raw sources and method of extraction. Living plant cells respond to Liquid Gold Fulvic's natural organic blend. Liquid Gold Fulvic can be the very catalyst that assists flower cells getting precisely the essential nutrients they need.

Dry Flower Products is the only source of this proprietary blend and we have confirmation that LGF has an amazing impact on plant metabolisms. Not a vitamin, hormone or plant food LGF is unique unto its own. Applied as a daily foliar spray on new growth and / or added to nutrient solutions, LGF effects how a plant's cell metabolism utilises incoming nutrients, light and CO2. If you want to check this out just add 5ml of LGF to a litre of water and spray (a mist is better than a drench) selected plants daily.


Foliar Feeding

Mix 5ml of Liquid Gold Fulvic per litre of water (distilled water is best). Using a fine spray bottle lightly mist the flowers as they develop. May be applied daily. Do not soak flowers. Do not mix Liquid Gold with any other foliar spray products.


When changing your nutrient use 2ml per litre of nutrient solution to promote improved nutrient uptake, especially micro nutrients. Compatible with all hydroponic nutrients.


Mix 1ml per litre of water. Apply to pots three times (soil drench) during each phase of growth. May be mixed with plant food.


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