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Docs By HydroGarden: Liquid Black Humic Crystal

Liquid Black Humic Crystal (LBHC) is a product that represents the best low molecular weight humate extract available. Humate extracts have long been known to have a positive effect on plant growth cycles. Just as "beer" is a generic word for a fermented beverage so is the word "humic" a generic word for a humate extract. We know all beers are not created equal and so it is with humic extracts.

LBHC promotes nutrient uptake, and stimulates root and stem growth, and better feeding roots means increased fresh weights in floral crops. LBHC contributes to plant health through all stages of the plants growth. Add LBHC to hydroponic solutions; use it in the water for soil plants (houseplants and gardens too). LBHC effects how the plants roots take up nutrients enabling plants to consume nutrients more easily. The results, positive healthy growth increase.



Mix 5ml per litre of water (or nutrient solution). Apply to growing mediums when rooting cuttings or just after seed germination and during early seedling stage for dramatic root growth. Compatible with rooting compounds and gels.


When changing nutrient add 3-5ml per litre of nutrient solution. Use throughout the entire growth cycle to promote improved nutrient uptake. Compatible with all hydroponic nutrients.


Mix 5ml per litre of water. Apply to pot three times (soil drench) during each phase of growth. May be mixed with plant food. Ideal soil conditioner for outdoor crops. LBHC is compatible with all nutrient solutions. Follow the application rates. We have found that using more is not better. LBHC is most effective in small quantities used regularly.


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