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Diamond Lightite Lightite
Diamond Lightite: 100% Light Proof Diamond Lightite has a raised diamond diffused pattern to spread light more evenly over the canopy of the plant allowing the light to be situated closer to your plants and also providing maximum reflection of light lumen’s whilst significantly reducing energy costs. A 5 layered material ensures 100% lightite creating a true blackout, stopping the escape of light and heat energy. With PET coated membrane to dramatically increase strength and reduce creasing effect. Better all Round Plant Growth While Reducing Costs Using Diamond diffusion foil to diffuse your gardens light supply gives better all..
Silver White Lightite
Silver White Lightite is a yield increasing spectrum enhanced silver reflector, applied to a gloss white/triple layered grow sheet. Lightite silver white grow sheets offers optimum light return and 100% light tight. PET coated to protect against corrosion and wear. The Original and the Best. Never Bettered. Only Poorly copied. Diffuse your gardens light supply Better all round plant growth Yield increasing. Thermal Reflecting Reduce energy costs Helps stop mould and algae growth Stimulates vigorous growth Incredibly strong to prevent tearing Easy to handle and great to work with Washable and safe to use 5% bleach solutio..
White Lightite Lightite
100% white lightite triple layered grow sheet with a centre fold. White both sides of the sheet but light tight to allow separate light cycles to perform within the same area. Gives better all round plant growth increasing yields  by reflecting thermal heat, which also results in reduced energy costs. Helps stop mould and algae growth and stimulates vigorous growth. The Original and the Best. Never Bettered. Only Poorly copied. Look for the Easy Grow logo every 1ft/1mtr on our lightite products for proof of assurance and quality. FOOD GRADE MATERIAL. FOOD SAFE. PLANT SAFE. NON GASSING GUARANTEED ..

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