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Documents: Supplied By HydroGarden: Light Rail 3

A patented linear lamp moving system, built with a high quality instrument grade motor. Light Rail 3 offers the indoor gardener simplicity, durability, expandability and ease of installation. Unlike conventional linear light movers, Light Rail 3 uses no pulleys, chains or gears. Simply mount the standard six feet (1.8m) track above desired area. The standard track weighs only two pounds (907g) yet it is extremely ridged. After track is mounted, with your help, the lamp moving drive motor drives itself onto the track.

Fully expandable, the standard six feet system is supplied with adjustable switch stops, so lamp travel can be any length you wish. This is perfect for the garden's start up size through to full growth.

Also available the LR3 extender rail. Through the use of alignment pins, the standard six foot track may be extended to nine feet (2.74m). The LR3 Smart Drive travels at two feet (60cm) per minute and the motor delays at each end for 30 seconds. This helps even out lumen dispursion over the full length of the lamps travel. The LR3 motor will only support a maximum weight of 50 pounds (22kg).


The LR3 is guaranteed against manufacturers defects and to withstand normal use for a period of two years. Damaged caused by misuse, abuse or failure to follow instructions is not covered. Should you experience any problems please contact the place of purchase. A receipt must be produced to obtain any warranty repair work or a replacement.


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