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The Advantages of Hydroponics Over Dirt

No soil means that you can grow plants everywhere and anywhere you want. This would include big cities, towns, suburbs and the countryside. No matter if you have a garden or not, or that your soil quality is substandard, it allows you to grow where no one has previously grown before.

No soil means no soil-borne diseases, pests or weeds and as a consequence means no herbicides or pesticides.

No soil means huge savings in water and fertilisers as only the water and nutrients that are required get used by the plants when they need it, and so there is no wastage into the ground or via evaporation. No soil means much less of the plant’s available energy is spent in search of water and nourishment thereby freeing the plant to divert its available energy on growth and enlargement. For example, in soil the plant transforms its food into absorbable ions by composting organic matter. In hydroponics these same ions are already available directly to the plant so the plant has nothing to do except absorb and grow. Another example is that in soil, plants waste a lot of energy developing large root masses to find and absorb the nourishment they require. In hydroponics, the roots are submerged in a perfectly adapted oxygen enriched nutrient solution, so the plant does not have to spend much of its available energy on lower root development allowing the plant’s energy to be focused on the upper foliage, flower and fruit development instead. This process results in a more viable use of space and visible improvement in growth and yields.

No soil means exceptional levels of gas exchange in the root zone, therefore, accelerating the development of your plant’s growth and yields.

No soil means that you are allowed the opportunity to closely manage your plants’ needs and therefore stimulate its growth. The optimal environment hydroponics offers promotes the very best utilisation of the plant’s genetic potential. This process also allows significant shortening of the growth times and also production intervals.

No soil means the strength and vigour of plants started and grown on in hydroponics media is such that many soil growers will start their cuttings in hydroponics media during the winter, then transplant them outdoors in dirt during the good season gaining many weeks and even months growth on their outdoor crops, and allowing the crop to be harvested early when demand has not yet met supply.

No soil means that once you have set up your hydroponics system, it will run almost indefinitely without much additional investment. Unlike having to always throw your dirt away and replace it, hydroponics is reusable and clean.

No soil, in short, allows you the opportunity when using hydroponics to gain a 30% increase in your crop, allows you to grow 30% more plants in the same area, allows you to grow the plants 30% faster, allows you to get 30% more active ingredients in your plants and most importantly, allows you to gain 30% higher yields.

An Excerpt from Hydroponicist - Indoor Horticulture


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