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DWC 6 Potz System with 100L Tank by POTZ Systems

DWC 6 Potz System with 100L Tank POTZ Systems

DWC Potz are a hybrid design that combines deep water culture with a top feed drip system, showering the roots from above, whilst the deep water solution recirculates and bubbles down below.

DWC Potz are supplied with two pumps, one is fitted in the main tank to fill the system and the other is fitted in the Header Potz with two inline taps fitted above. The taps allows you to recirculate the solution around the system or drain it back into the main tank. The 20 litre Potz are connected at the base with 25mm fittings and 25mm Torsino hose, and filters are also provided to prevent any roots entering the pipes and affecting the solution recirculating. These filters can easily be removed and cleaned whilst you are growing, and if any Potz where to fill, the 25mm overflow system fitted at the top of the Potz will simply transfer the excess solution into another Potz and prevent any solution spilling onto your floor. The air pump can be placed onto the Header Potz and left running 24/7 or if preferred it can be placed at the side of the Header Potz and the pipes can be angled to suit.

DWC Potz do not need to be kept full, in fact you will get better results when you let the levels drop for a few days, before refilling the system.


  • Start with freshly rooted plants in propagation plugs
  • DWC Potz can be left for long periods before refilling
  • DWC Potz are 4 times thicker than a regular bucket to aid with cooling
  • 20 litre Potz allow large root systems and large plants
  • 25mm pipe & fittings allow solution to recirculate easily
  • Drain filters prevent roots entering recirculating pipes
  • Overflow system prevents any Potz flooding the floor
  • Drain 95% of solution back into main tank or a bucket
  • Supplied complete with air system, no additional parts required
  • Can be assembled inside a grow tent with the main tank outside
  • Low power consumption required, low running costs

DWC 6 Potz Specifications

  • Dimensions (l,w,h) - 165 x 98 x 37cm
  • Solution Capacity - 112 litres
  • Fill Pump - 12 watt
  • Recirculating/Drain Pump - 9 watt
  • Air Pump -  15 watt

Tank Specifications

  • Dimensions (l,w,h) - 37 x 32 x 95cm
  • Tank Capacity - 100 litres
Brand: POTZ Systems
Product Code: DWC 6 Potz System with 100L Tank
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Price: £345.00
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Hydroponic Systems
Number of Plants 6
Bucket Size (litres) 20
Tank Volume (litres) 100
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