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AeroFarm by General Hydroponics

AeroFarm General Hydroponics
Starting at £85.82

Did you want to try aero-hydroponics but never found a simple and economical way to do it?

Well, now it’s possible thanks to the AeroFarm, GHE’s latest growing module.



7 good reasons to adopt it:

  1. The AeroFarm (45 x 45 x 43 cm) fits perfectly in small growing areas.
  2. Like the AquaFarm, it is made with heavy-duty recycled plastics, and includes a barrier against light and UV to prevent algae from growing in the reservoir.
  3. It holds 1 to 5 plants and may be used for mothers as well as for complete crop cycles.
  4. It has a large reservoir (up to 45 l) and easy access to the nutritive solution.
  5. It is very easy to assemble, to clean and to maintain. It is user-friendly and comes with a set of detailed instructions.
  6. An AeroFarm means NO MORE SUBSTRATE to move up and down, and to discard. Simply use the plastic net-pots or the coco pots with the coco covers, or, if you really wish, just fill the pots with a few clay pebbles.
  7. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: if you already have an AquaFarm and wish to try aero-hydroponics now, keep your reservoir and simply buy the AeroFarm conversion kit. You’ll be set in no time.

The AeroFarm exists in 2 standard models : for 2" (Ø 5 cm) or 3“ (Ø 7,5 cm) pots. It holds 1 to 5 plants and can be used for propagation, production or to keep mother-plants. If you wish to transplan,t it is better to use the AeroFarm which pot size coincides with your final growing system (Ø 5 cm pots for the DPS Aero and Ø 7,5 cm for the AeroFlos).

Brand: General Hydroponics
Product Code: AeroFarm
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Price: Starting at £85.82
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What does this come with?
I can see the main tank and pots, does it include pump\misters etc.?
  • Yes mate, it comes with pump and all fittings included
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