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HS2000 Dutch "Poot" Light Hortilux
This steadfast light has been available for a decade and in it's most recent incarnation, is as effective as any modern design. This light is used extensively throughout Holland. It is affectionately known as "The Producer" and has a reputation for consistent and abuntant yields. This light is ideal for indoor use and greenhouse use. The unit is designed specifically to be suspended via two chains at either end of the main section. This counterwieghts the sturdy pentagonal reflector. The unit is approximately 66cm long and the widest section of the reflector is approximately 42cm. The HS2000 is a conventional fixture with a slim ..
HSE 1000W & 600W 400V Grow Light Hortilux
Hortilux HSE 600W & 1000W Electronic Ballast System Features of this unit are endless with Philips electronics, Philips MASTER GreenPower Plus 600W or 1000W 400V electronic lamp, with highly efficient PAR output of 1190µmol per second, Interchangeable Delta and Zeta reflectors made from 97 % reflective MIRO-9 (glass-coated) aluminium, Up to 10% more growth light than traditional domestic HID lighting systems, Cooling fins and heat shield, RF Shielded. Hortilux Schréder, Hortilux HSE600W & 1000W Electronic Ballast System uses a advanced electronic ballast with Philips components to power a Philips MASTER GreenPower Plus 60..

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