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Super Silent Split Air Conditioner Range Growing Innovations
Our easy to install self fit air conditioner range are the ideal installation for a CGE (closed growing environment) where no extraction or inlet is used. We stock 12000BTU all the way through to 36000BTU units. Grow all year round at the same temperature whilst using the Coolgen to easily maintain 1500ppm of CO2. Inverter heat pump air conditioning is very energy efficient, it carries an "A" ENERGY RATING. Energy rating "A" is the most efficient. Heat pump air conditioning provides a COP (coefficient of performance) of 3.41, this means that every kW of energy you pay to run this unit, it will give you 3.41 kW of heating! T..
CO2 Monitor / Controller / Sensor Growing Innovations
The GI professional CO2 monitor/controller combines the very latest technology with plug and play operation. We have added a photosensor to detect light and dark, this automaticaly changes the working mode of the controller. Other features include: fully adjustable between 0-2000ppm, wall mountable, extremely accurate external sensor with 3 meter cable & automatic calibration. The GI controller can be used with CO2 generators, CO2 injection devices, solenoid valves & pumps. For use with Coolgen, the controller would be either pluged directly into a water pump or a water solenoid valve Features:   - CO2 ..
Coolgen - Standard Pump & Internal Filter Growing Innovations
Water Pump & filter for use with coolgen when operating a short distance reservoir (up to 10 meters). Features:   - High pressure(1.1Bar).   - Internal filter.   - Max pressure: 1.1 bar.   - Max recommended hose length: 10m   - Self-priming.   - 2 year guarantee ..
Coolgen - Pump & Filter for Long Distance Reservoir Growing Innovations
Water Pump & filter for use with coolgen when operating a long distance reservoir (10-40 meters). Features:   - High pressure(3.5Bar).   - Pump,suction hose and filter.   - 3500LPH(litres per hour).   - Max pressure: 3.5 bar.   - Max recommended hose length: 40m   - Self-priming   - Course and fine filters   - Spare seal set included   - 2 year guarantee ..
Coolgen SX2 - Growth Gas CO2 Generator Growing Innovations
The COOLGEN SX2 propane/LPG CO2 generator " is the latest piece of technology available for supplementing CO2 to plants. The COOLGEN is loaded with safety features and a powerful 16KW flame that produces up to 3.6 KG of cool CO2 per hour. Compared to a standard CO2 generator the SX2 runs more than 700% cooler. This is possible because of a specially designed heat exchanger mounted over the flame. This feature allows 86% of the heat produced from burning LPG to be removed from the growing environment; allowing the gardener to maintain optimum levels of CO2 with no heat issues at all. Produces less heat than a standard 2.5KW genera..

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