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AgrowTent Single by Agrow

AgrowTent Single
AgrowTent Single AgrowTent Single
Starting at £1,350.00

Constantly on the lookout for innovation, the AgrowTent designers have developed a new grow tent featuring a vertical growing system. You can use the walls instead of soil to grow your favourite plants, tripling your growth surface.

Equipped with an opaque tent and several new interesting and innovative features, the makes maximum use of the light source and optimizes crop yields.

Here are AgrowTent's key features:

1. Large growth surface despite the limited use of space. The AgrowTent is the ideal solution for starting production in areas with limited space. The tent's interior measures 65½" (L) x 34" (W) x 83" (H). You will be able to place up to 140 plants on 14 rockwool cubes.

2) The walls give you better value for your money when compared to other growth surfaces with the same dimensions.

3) The ergonomic and innovative design makes thanks to the sliding cooling tube. The cooling tube's lateral movement provides easy access to the plants, at any time, without setting foot inside the tent.

The system's circular design puts all your plants within reach. No light loss and maximum reflection of the light source thanks to the covers opaqueness and interior finish.

Rigid and portable structure - you will be amazed at the solid new tent poles, featuring superior thickness! Moreover, the structure is mounted on wheels making it easy to move.

Multiple openings and ventilation options make it easy to mix and match with your current ventilation equipment according to your needs.

Double bottom - reduces water damage in your tent and makes it easy to clean.

New support system for the rockwool cubes. A simple, yet highly effective process.

You decide whether you want the water tank inside or outside the tent.

Carefully developed packaging for easily transportable boxes.

AgrowTent without lights comes with:

AgrowTent single tent with sliding Cool Tube
14 x 1 Metre Rockwool Slabs

AgrowTent with lights comes with:

AgrowTent single tent with sliding Cool Tube
14 x 1 Metre Rockwool Slabs
1 x Ballast 600W
1 x Dual Spectrum Lamp 600W

Brand: Agrow
Product Code: AgrowTent Single
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Price: Starting at £1,350.00
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Hydroponic Systems
Number of Plants 140
Size Interior 65½" (L) x 34" (W) x 83" (H)
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