D-Papillon 315W "The Plasma Killah" by Papillon Luminaires

D-Papillon 315W "The Plasma Killah" by Papillon Luminaires

  • D-Papillon 315W "The Plasma Killah"

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The answer to the full spectrum plasma lights which are more reliable, more efficient and more light per watt than PLASMA.

The GreenPower and Daylight grow lamps are full spectrum lamps that irradiate the farred and UV spectrum.
The D-Papillon grow light fixture consists of an Ultra durable electronic ballast which has a 50.000 hours average rated life with a 90% survival rate.
The average rated life of the GreenPower and Daylight bulbs are 16.000 hours with 80% light output remaining.

The temperature that is generated on the lamp surface is not transferred directly to the plant, but indirectly, with air acting as a carrier. Making use of the open reflector concept, a natural air current is created, with which the heat is distributed evenly throughout the environment, thereby preventing the creation of hotspots on the plant. The Reflector allows heat to disperse away from the canopy, significantly lowering the amount of garden hotspots and improving overall lamp life (less heat development).

Philips open reflector concept:

Assimilation lighting is generally known to cause an excess of unusable heat directly below the reflector. This leads to “hot” spots on the top of the plant canopy, which detrimentally affects the growth and development of the plants.

The brand new Green Power lamps that are used in Philips luminaires with electronic ballast produce 34% PAR-light, 34% infrared heat radiation and 32% convection heat. The reflectors that are used in the existing D-Papillon fixtures uniformly disperse the PAR light and infrared radiation heat. The convection heat (lighting heat) in contrast to radiation heat, is an indirect form of heat transfer.

The heat that is created on the lamp surface is not displaced directly to the plant, but indirectly, with the grow room air behaving as a carrier. The use of the open reflector concept, a natural air current is created; the heat is spread uniformly throughout the grow space, thus avoiding the development of hotspots on the plant canopy. The accumulation of convection heat is therefore removed and does not fall back into the lamp, and as a result, the lamp keeps cooler, resulting in longer lamp life.

The patented reflectors from Philips have a yield of around 92% (determined in a laboratory certified by the British Standardisation lnstitute). The lux values obtained by luminaires with these grow light are as much as 10% greater than by conventional luminaires. These greater values represent an unmatched amount of growth light for the plant. In other words, increased growth for the same energy usage.

The reflector of the D-Papillon forms the light beam in a unique manner. Unlike regular production techniques, the reflector is produced by forcing (deep-drawing) the raw material, followed by the application of the reflector layer through vacuum metallising or sputtering of aluminum.

Employing an entirely different production process, Philips has the ability to use a reflector material of a high surface density and a high reflection ability. The reflector is purpose made to cut down on the heating up of the lamp to the lowest possible extent. As a result, there is a lower drop in the light production of the lamp in the course of its life. In summary, their reflector produces more light (light output of 92% - Light Output Ratio), a broader beam of growth light that penetrates deeper into the plant and lower lamp luminosity rate thanks to a comparatively low reflector temperature.

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