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Seedling Heat Mats 18W, 45W & 105W Grow Gadgets
Heat mats for the propagation of seedlings and clones. ..
10-50mg/h Ozone Generator 30m3 Grow Gadgets
The Grow Gadgets Plug-in Ozone Generator is a highly effective air purifier that produces electro-charged ozone to eliminate smells and odours. When pollutants such as odours, bacteria or viruses come into contact with ozone, they are destroyed by oxidation. The plug in Ozone generator penetrates carpets, walls, light features and air ducts, competely removing unwanted smells! Benefits Designed specifically for small spaces Compact size and portable Chemical free operation Very quiet operation Easy to use Specifications Power: 7w Ozone output: 10-50mg/h Recomended room size: 30m3 maximum ..

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