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Docs By HydroGarden: The Green Up Solution

Green Up Solution is a special water treatment solution. It is a common experience to have cuttings or clones turn yellow while rooting. Adding a little Green Up to the water that you soak your rooting medium in reduces yellowing when starting clones. Green Up can also be used to accelerate vegetative growth and prevent plants from "yellowing out" under high light conditions.

How Does It Work?

Green Up Solution is scientifically formulated from minerals and plant extracts. Used as directed Green Up Solution will promote stronger healthier clones with more vigour. When integrated with a regular nutrient program, Green Up Solution enables the grower to experience an aggressive vegetative growth cycle resulting in greater floral growth. This is particularly useful with various herb crops.

Using Green Up Solution will reduce yellowing in clones while they develop new roots.


Mix 3ml of Green Up Solution into a litre of water. Use this water to do the initial soaking of your rockwool cubes or rooting medium prior to placing in your cuttings. Do not repeat treatment. Green Up Solution works with all rooting compounds. When added in with your hydroponic nutrient Green Up Solution will encourage very aggressive vegetative growth. Add 5ml of GreenUp Solution for every litre of nutrient your reservoir holds. Mix in well and adjust the pH accordingly. Our experience has been to follow the directions closely. Green Up is powerful stuff and to use too much is not recommended, however, using a little gives impressive results. Plants love to grow, grow, grow with Green Up.

Note: Never use more than insturcted amount on the label, more is not better.


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