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GEN200 Grow GEN200
GEN200 GROW is a patented organic roots and growth stimulator made of 19 plant extracts from the heart of the Amazons GEN200 Grow accelerates the formation of new roots and ensures a healthy growth and development of your plants. GEN200 Grow is a highly concentrated product specially developed to give crops a good start. This 100% organic fertilizer is added in the first three weeks of the growing cycle. It stimulates root development and growth processes. GEN200 Grow makes the plant more vital and ensures that the crop potential for growth is fully utilized. GEN200 Grow is also suitable for mother and young plants until the 2..
GEN200 Control GEN200
GEN200 Control is a proprietary bio-mix of natural micro-elements supplemented with Orthosilicic acid. GEN200 ensures the growth regulation and natural defense-system. This ensures the plant to have better resistance against diseases and distresses such as heat and cold. Your plants will root faster, develop stronger stems and leaves which results in firmer plants and bigger yields. GEN200 can be used on all kinds of soil and with all kinds of nutrition!   Directions for use After sprouting or when planting your plants: add 20ml GEN200 Control on 100 litres of water. During the growth phase: once a week add 20ml ..

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